How To Apply Eyelash Extensions at Home

Applying eyelash extensions

Eyelashes do not only keep sweat and water away from your eyes. Eyelashes can also make your eyes pop out and make your look younger. Not everyone, however, is born with naturally long and curvy eye lashes. Thankfully, however, you can actually buy eyelash extensions and use them on your own short lashes. Here’s how.

  • Prepare your supplies. First of all, you need to prepare the supplies that you will need. You need to purchase a set of eyelash extensions. Make sure that you purchase the best ones that you can find. There is no point in scrimping when it comes to extensions, since cheap extensions are very easy to recognize and it will only look bad on your eyes. Sometimes, these can even irritate the eyes. Also, cheap eyelash extensions tend to have larger strands that do not look natural. You also need some eyelash glue, and a good sized magnifying mirror.
  • Cleaning your eyelashes. You should make sure that you have washed your face before applying the eyelashes. Any dirt on your eyelashes will make it that much more difficult for the eyelash extension to attach to your eyelashes. Make sure that there is no moisturize in the eyelashes as well, since glue will not hold well when it becomes diluted with water.
  • Curling the eyelashes. One of the important steps before attaching your eyelash extensions is to curl the eyelashes first. Curling the eyelashes will give the glue some room to hold the extensions. There are many eyelash curlers in the market. You will need to align your eyelashes to the eyelash curler and then gently press. The curler will then technically bend the hair in the eyelashes, so that it looks curled. The best eyelash curlers, however, will not damage the eyelashes per se.
  • Adding glue on the extensions. Once you have curled the eyelashes, the next step is to add the glue. The glue for eyelash extensions usually comes in small clear bottles. These are usually 5 to 10 dollars. Again, make sure that you do not scrimp when buying eyelash extension glue. You do not want low quality glue to be used so close to your eyes. Usually, the glue comes with an applicator that you can use to apply the glue to the eyelash extension's end.
  • Press lightly. Once the glue has been applied, the next step is to press it lightly on top of the eyelashes. You will need to keep your fingers locked down on the eyelash extension and your own eyelash for at least ten seconds, for the glue to dry up and effectively hold the eyelash extension. Afterwards, repeat the same procedure until your entire eyelashes have been covered with extensions. Usually, it will only take three separate extensions to fill the entire eye.

You will need to wait at least ten minutes before you can apply mascara onto your eyelashes. Usually, however, applying mascara to your extensions is not necessary since the extensions should be long enough to make your eyelashes look prominent.


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