How To Apply Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow colors
Improve your makeup techniques by learning the proper way to apply eyeshadow. This guide will teach you the tricks of this makeup application.

Step 1

Choose the right shade. When choosing which shade of eyeshadow to apply, there are a few tricks. Many makeup artists prefer to match eyeshadow to the color of the eye (yes, even if they're blue). This makes the eye pop. Others prefer to choose a contrasting color of eyeshadow to make eyes stand out. Both are acceptable methods of choosing the right color of eyeshadow. Look to your eye color for direction on what shade of eyeshadow is right for you.

Step 2

Buy shadow with a good base. Another important factor in choosing the right shade of eyeshadow is its base. Your makeup will stay on much longer if you purchase eyeshadow that has a primer for its base. (Mac Paints makes a great eyeshadow that stays all day long!)

Step 3

Apply the eyeshadow. Basic eyeshadow application for a nice rounded shape takes only a few seconds. Apply a light shade of eyeshadow or highlighter all the way across your eyelid, starting at your lash line and going slightly beyond your crease. Go all the way up to your eyebrow as well. Next, put on a medium shade of eyeshadow on your eyelid and add a touch below your bottom lashes as well (not too thick!) Then add a touch of darker eyeshadow at the outer edge of your eye, creating a slightly darker area there.

Step 4

Blend the eyeshadow. If you are using more than one shade of eyeshadow (as most people do), it's important to blend the shades together. There shouldn't be a definite line separating two different colors of eyeshade. Use your finger or a small brush to blur the line between two shades.

Step 5

Apply only highlighter to the brow line. It's okay to apply eyeshadow to your brow line, but it can't be dark. Use a light color, or use a highlighter. Dark shades in this area will be too dramatic (unless of course you're a runway model.)

Step 6

Add a touch of white for brightness. You can finish off your eyeshadow application with a touch of white shadow (or eye pencil) right at the crease of your eye, near the tear duct. Your eyes will look much brighter.

Step 7

Complete the look with some eye liner. The last thing you should do after you apply eyeshadow is put on some eye liner. Apply a thin line of eyeliner to your top and lower eyelid, right at the eyelash. The top line should extend from corner to corner of your eye, while the bottom line of eye liner should begin in the middle of your lid and work its way outward. Once you've done this, you've correctly applied eye makeup.


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