How To Apply Eyeshadow, Eye Liner, and Mascara Like a Pro

The eyes are the best features in the face undoubtedly. With a few makeup enhancements, they can turn into dramatic, glamorous, strong, soft, and any other look you can imagine. However, the problem here is that the eyes are the most complicated to enhance with the use of makeup. With the eye shadow, eye liner, and mascara going on, the whole process can be challenging for you unless you are a professional makeup artist.
The good news is that you can do the same way to your eyes just like how the pro can recreate them. This is especially true if you will know the right techniques in working with the eyes. Here, check out these tips to help you apply eye makeup just like a pro:

  • Do your normal face cleaning routine. It is always important that when you apply makeup, the whole of your face is clean. To get the best look from your eyes, apply an eye cream with sunscreen for a day makeup or night repair eye cream for a night makeup.
  • Apply an eye primer. This is necessary to help your eye shadows hold on to your eyelids and make a fresher look for your eyes all throughout the day. However, if you don't have an eye primer, a makeup primer will already do. However, you can only use this for the eyelids if the primer is not strong enough to hurt your eyes. Apply the primer gently all over the lids.
  • Apply eye shadow. Choose your colors depending on your skin color, eye shape, outfit color, and occasion. For instance, for a casual appeal, choose any two complimentary colors to apply on the lids. The darker eye shadow must go into the lash line while the lighter one must be applied to the other areas of the eyelids.
  • Apply eye liner. Draw only a light line right above the upper eyelashes. Do the same for the area right below the lower lashes. Let these two lines meet generously at your eye's outer crease. Smudge the lines afterward to give them a softer look.
  • Apply mascara. Get an eyelash curler and work on your lashes. Clamp the curler on your lashes and hold it for around 15 to 20 seconds for best results. Then, apply mascara first to the lower lashes. This must be observed for your convenience. This is because if you do the upper lashes first, it is always possible to get smudges on the upper lashes while working on the lower ones. Apply two good coats to both the lower and upper lashes. Go to the other eye's lashes and let the mascara dry completely.
    Take note that your eye shape must be remembered when applying mascara. For instance, if you have a round or almond set of eyes, it is best to use mascara only for the upper lashes giving emphasis to the outer half. On the other hand, for smaller eyes such as those with Asian eyes, applying black mascara on the upper and also the lower lashes is needed.

A great eye makeup is not limited to the accomplishments of the professionals alone. With your patience and practice, you can always create wonderful creations on a par with what the pros can do.


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