How To Apply Eyeshadow to Eye Creases

If you are applying eye shadow without giving too much attention to the creases, your eye makeup has a lot more that needs to be improved. No matter how satisfied you are about how your eye looks with your ordinary eye shadows, you can do better than that. This is as simple as applying the right eye shadow for your eye creases. To help you in doing this, check out these guidelines for a successful makeup application:

  • Know your eye shape. Knowing the shape of your eyes will help you decide not only the right application of the eye shadow but also with the choice of colors for the eye creases. Hence, see whether you have almond, close set, deep, wide, round, Asian, or small eyes.
  • Find the best color for your creases. Depending on the shape of your eyes, there is a one great color that will be perfect for your eye creases. For instance, those with almond eyes can choose any other color but it will be better if they choose a crease color that is darker than the usual eye shadow color. On the other hand, small, Asian, and close set eyes require a lighter color for the crease while the deep set eyes require no crease color at all. Since the crease color makes the eyes look deeper, deep set eyes do not need this anymore.
  • Find the right shade for you. Pick two eye shadow colors and combine them to find the best color for your eye creases. Before applying color to the eyelid, make several tests of the color at the skin of your hand.
  • Apply the eye shadow to the crease. At this point, it is important that you have the right makeup tool. A makeup brush that is specifically designed to reach the eye creases must be used for this purpose. An eye shadow brush like this can naturally fit into the creases of the eye where the lids bend so a smoother and better makeup application is on the way.
  • Perfect the application. Rub the eye shadow brush gently across the creases of the lids. If you want to get a more dramatic appeal, dampen the brush so the color intensity will increase once applied on the creases.
  • Do the colors for other parts of the lid. Apply eye shadow to the whole of the eyelid carefully blending its color with the shade of the creases. It is very important that you blend the colors well enough to the point that there will be no defined lines that can be noticed in the creases anymore. The last thing you will want to happen is to have an eyelid that looks like there is something drawn on it because of your failure to blend the colors well.

From now on, be reminded to bring your current eye makeup to the next level. It is not that tough to achieve this after all. With a little work on your eye ceases, the whole of your eye makeup can be changed for the better. However, take note to do the application carefully and properly. A simple mistake in this process will ruin your whole makeup rather than improve it.


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