How To Apply Fake Eyelashes to Make Eyes Look Bigger

Making your eyes bigger not only creates a more open look but will also create an illusion of a slimmer face. The use of false eyelashes can give you the needed effect for brighter, more dramatic and bigger eyes without compromising the sensitivity of your eye lid and natural eyelashes.

Here are some tips and steps in applying false eyelashes safely:

  • Select which eyelash type to use according to your chosen look. There is a wide variety to choose from whether you go for a more dramatic look or simply using it as an add-on. If you are to use it in broad day light, you ought to go for a lighter color. Same principle is applied—if you are using it in the evening, a darker one will be used. This will ensure that the lashes will look more natural in you.
  • Purchase a fake eyelashes kit. It is best to purchase the kit if it is your first time. A fake eyelash kit can be found commonly in retail stores or beauty stores. You should not have any trouble finding it. You’ll need the special glue that comes with the package.
  • Trim off the excess length from the new lashes. Don’t overdo the length of your fake eyelashes. The length should only be slightly longer than your natural strands so that they will not look fake. You can trim the lashes to their appropriate length according to your measurements. Remember they should follow the natural lining of your natural lashes.
  • Gather the materials needed. Prepare the materials that might come in handy in applying the lashes easily. You can use tweezers in gripping the lashes securely and a magnifying glass in seeing and positioning it accurately.
  • Prepare your skin. Wash your face thoroughly especially around your eyes. Oil and skin debris make the application and adherence of the fake lashes unstable.
  • Curl your natural lashes. If your eyelashes are stiff and uneven in growth and direction, you might have to do curl your lashes many times using the eyelash curler. You may find it helpful to heat the curler with a blower first. It will act like a curling iron on your eyelashes. A curly natural lash will be ready to receive the fake one, making the end result look more natural.
  • Bend the new fake lashes several times. With your bare hands, hold both ends of the fake lashes carefully and bend them several times. This is done to make the lashes softer and more natural.
  • Apply the glue. Using a pair of tweezers pick the piece up, and apply glue on its base. Never apply glue directly on the skin. It can be irritating and may even cause some eye complications. Apply a bit more glue toward both ends of your piece, as these ends are more prone to falling off.
  • Apply the lashes, one eyelid at a time. With the help of the mirror to guide you, lift your eyelid just a little bit while simultaneously applying the fake eyelashes as close as possible to your lash line. Secure it starting from the inner to the outer of the part of the eyelid. You may find it easier when you place the mirror at your eye level, with your elbows resting on a stable surface.
  • Give time for the glue to dry. Allow a 30-second support to the fake lashes by not removing your hand for 30 seconds, giving light pressure on the adhering part.
  • Do the finishing touches with makeup. When your fake eyelashes are securely in place, it is time to add some finishing touches to give your fake eyelashes a more natural look. You may curl both the natural and the fake eyelashes together. You may also add some mascara coating to help the lashes blend together, as well as some eyeshadow to complete the look. However, you should caution yourself in using creamy makeup which would prevent the lashes from staying put.

The application of fake eyelashes has previously been considered to be under the realm of makeup artists. Meanwhile, with enough practice, you can manage to apply them on your own.


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