How To Apply False Eyelashes

False eyelashes are a must when going for a dramatic make up look.  False eyelashes add length and volume to natural lashes and can be applied as a "full" lash, "demi" lash or individual lashes for a more natural look or to fill in spaces where natural lashes may be missing.  They can add a dramatic effect or just accentuate the natural lashes.  When false eyelashes are applied properly they can look natural and beautiful.

You will first want to go to a drug, department or make up specialty store to pick out the false eyelashes that you want to apply.  When choosing your false eyelashes keep in mind what kind of statement, if any, you want to make with them.  Do you just want lashes to fill in where your natural ones are sparse?  Do you want the false eyelashes to add a dramatic effect to your makeup?  Are you going to be wearing the eyelashes on a daily basis or just for a special occasion?  You may want to keep these questions in mind when choosing the quality, length, color and whether you want full, demi or individual lashes.  Time can also be a concern.  Full and demi false eyelashes tend to take less time to apply than if you are going to be applying eyelashes individually on your eyelid.

Once you have chosen the false eyelashes that best suit you,  you will also want to get some eyelash adhesive.  I have seen and used the self adhesive false eyelashes that are fairly new to the market.  I was not impressed with the stickiness of the adhesive and still would suggest purchasing eyelash adhesive if you have bought the self adhesive type.  There are starter kits you can purchase that will come with a set of false eyelashes, false eyelash adhesive as well as a small tool to help you apply the eyelashes close to the natural lash line.  For a few dollars more than just the cost of the eyelashes themselves, I find it to be a great bargain.  Also, the tool that comes with a kit can be a great help when applying the false eyelashes.  It is in the shape of a clamshell with a curve that follows the contour of your eyelid so that you can grasp the false eyelashes with the tool and apply them to the natural lash line.  I have also found this tool helpful in slightly nudging the eyelashes as close as possible to the lash line as I do not keep long fingernails.

You should now have all the tools necessary to apply your eyelashes.  You will want to apply your eye makeup before you apply the false eyelashes to your lid.  You will need to take the eyelashes out of the packaging and if you are using full or demi lashes, just apply the adhesive to the bottom of the lashes and apply the false eyelashes from the outside corner of your eye in.  This is where the eyelash applicator tool comes in handy. If you don't have one just gently apply the lashes as close to your natural lash line as possible using your fingertips to guide them.  Now press down gently to help the adhesive set.  In just a few moments the false eyelash adhesive will be dry and your lashes are now thicker, fuller and more beautiful.  If you are applying individual lashes, you will want to apply the adhesive to each false eyelash as you are ready to apply it, then the application is the same, just only gently pushing down where you want the individual lash on your lash line.  I often put on mascara of the same color as the false eyelashes after the lashes have been applied to help the natural lashes blend in with the false eyelashes.

Enjoy your new dramatic look or just the new look your false eyelashes have created for you.  The application is very simple and you will notice that your eyes look more beautiful than ever.


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