How To Apply False Eyelashes to Asian Eyes

Asian eyes or monolid eyes refer to the eyes of women with single eyelids. There is usually little or no crease at all if you have Asian eyes. Having this type of eyes is exquisite but there are minor set-backs. Eyelashes are usually looking down or in a downward position with Asian eyes. This is the problem most women face. What to do in order to get that big, full look on your monolid eyes?  False Eyelashes can help your eyes become bigger and more beautiful. Although fake/false eyelashes are meant for big eyes like women from the West, here are a few tips on how to apply false eyelashes to Asian eyes.

  • Prepare the things you need. You will need the following items:  False eyelashes, eyelash clip scissors, eyelash glue, eyeliner pencil, mascara, eyelash curler, and tweezers.
  • Apply makeup on. Leaving the eyelashes out, do put on your makeup like you would usually do on a daily basis.
  • Put on your false eyelashes. While in front of a mirror, hold up your false eyelashes up to eye level. Gently wiggle the false lashes to loosen them up a bit. Should the lashes be too long for your eyes, you can trim it as you see fit. Next thing you do is apply a small layer of eyelash glue on the back of the fake eyelashes. Ensure that you put the right amount of glue so as to prevent it from dripping off of your eyes when you attach them. Wait for about a few seconds to let it dry a bit (not to the point where it hardened already). Slowly and carefully attach the false eyelashes on top of your natural eyelashes. It should be pressed down closer to the middle of the lid and the eyelash. You need to make sure it sticks so pin both ends of the false eyelashes down for at least a minute or until the glue has dried up. You can use your tweezers or an eyelash clip to hold your eyelashes. It also helps when you’re already applying the fake lashes to your Asian eyes. To help the false eyelashes stick more to your natural eyelashes, use your mascara and brush a few strokes onto your eyelashes. This way they are bound together as the mascara dries up. If you are not satisfied with the way it looks or if you think it’s not curled up enough, just use your eyelash curler. By this procedure you are also helping the false eyelashes stay attached to your lashes giving your eyelashes a more natural look.

That’s it! Your Asian eyes now look fuller with longer eyelashes. Wherever you are, these easy steps can definitely help create a new look for your eyes. If you are too tired of having monolid eyes, this is the solution you need. Remember to choose the perfect false eyelashes for your Asian eyes, and to attach it properly so it will not look fake at all. Finishing touches like putting on mascara and eyeliner can help achieve that natural look.


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