How To Apply Fiberglass Nails

Having short nails can take away some degree of beauty from your hands. This would have been fine if it did not affect how men would appreciate you. However, the fact is that many men actually give more points on a woman’s hands. For them, the hands are the next things to look at after gazing at the eyes. That is why it is important for you to take extra care of your hands and your fingers. If the length of your fingernails is not enough to enhance their beauty, you can apply fiberglass nails. The process may take some time, but it is actually easy. Here are the steps.

  1. Before anything else, you have to wash your hands first. If you have nail polish, remove it as well as any oil from the natural nail bed. Do this properly so that the next steps will be easy. You can use a nail polish remover for this. With this, buff the nail bed but not too heavily, otherwise, this may be thinned and could badly affect the nails’ natural growth. After this, you can begin using the primer. Make sure that you do not do it too much since the primer is toxic.
  2. After doing the preparatory steps, put acrylic tips to the nails with glue that is safe for such purposes. You may use nail clippers to trim the tips to your desired length. It is recommended that you do not combine product lines. Each line has compositions that suit only with each other. Buff the nail tips in order to flush it with the nail bed. Again, do not overdo this.
  3. Place the fiberglass above the entire nail bed with the use of the glue. If there is excess fiberglass, use stock scissors to cut it away from the nails. Make sure that the fiberglass does not touch any cuticle or skin on the side of the nails. Ensure also that no fiberglass extrudes on the edges.
  4. Brush the sticker over both the nails and the fiberglass. Do this with some extra care by not putting excessive sticker or else, this will result into bubbles when it is sprayed with kicker. Spray a little amount of kicker on the glue to speed up its hardening. Again, do not overspray, otherwise, this will irritate your skin. Do not spray too close also.

After the steps above, you can redo the buffing as many times as necessary in order to even the surface of the natural nails and the fiberglass, and to remove the glue. You can then proceed to polish the nails afterwards. The process is quite long but it is worth it. The fiberglass nails will last about two weeks so you do not have to do this too often. There are other synthetic nails you can apply such as those made of plastic. However, fiberglass is better because it is porous and, thus, allows ventilation for your natural nails.


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