How To Apply Finishing Spray to your Makeup Like a Pro

Have you always wondered if there was anything to keep your makeup from fading, smudging, or melting away?  A finishing spray is all you need to keep your makeup intact. This product once sprayed on your face right after you put on your makeup, will not only hold your makeup but make it last for a whole day or night. Some people spritz on hairspray in order to do this but that is just a no-no. Hairsprays contain chemicals that are harmful to your skin and even cause dryness. There are a lot of finishing sprays available in the market today so don’t settle for hairsprays even if it’s just for one night. Curious about how to apply finishing spray to your makeup like a professional? Here’s how.

  • Apply your makeup. First step before squirting your finishing spray is to put on your makeup. Apply the base or the foundation (there are foundations that come in sprays as well, this also lasts a long time). Brush on some blush. Set your eyes up with eye shadow, line your lids with eyeliner, sweep your eyelashes with mascara, and smack your lips with lipstick or lip gloss.
  • Spray away like a pro. Once you’ve applied your makeup on, it’s time to learn how to put the finishing touches. If you want your makeup to last all day or all night, a finishing spray does the work for you. Not only will you look like a professional, you will also feel like a professional makeup artist just by using a finishing spray. What you do is to hold the finishing spray up face level. You should close your eyes and mouth before spraying it on; you don’t want any product getting in your eyes and mouth. Then gently spray the product on twice or thrice on your face making sure it covers the part where the makeup is applied. If you applied body makeup on, then spurt some finishing spray on your neck or on the part where makeup is applied as well. Do not spread or rub the finishing spray after misting on your face and neck to avoid smudging the makeup. You need to let it dry and do magic by itself. That’s it!  You will not only feel refreshed but your makeup is protected all day or night long.

The normal practice for most women like you on makeup application is just wear and go. Setting up your makeup is one extra step and most women would agree that it is not practical especially if you are working and if you are always on the go. That’s why this guide is important so you also won’t neglect the vital things in putting on makeup. After long hours outside whether you’re at work, at a party, or event, the finishing spray really does wonders for you. Definitely your makeup will fade, melt, or smear as the day or night goes along. You don’t want to keep re-touching and re-applying your makeup every hour right?


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