How To Apply Foundation Make Up to the Eyelids

Applying eye makeup can be tricky, and many women do not know how to get their eye shadow to stay put all day. Eye shadow tends to rub off easily and requires repeat application throughout the day unless it has a makeup base to cling to. Foundation makeup, the same kind that you use on the rest of your face, makes a good makeup base for the eyelids. Applying foundation makeup to the eyelids can prevent your eye shadow from wearing off and can help the eye shadow colors appear more brilliant and vivid. There are several steps to applying foundation makeup to the eyelids, however, but getting into this practice will also help you to take better care of the delicate skin of your eyelids before applying makeup. Below are the steps you should take to apply foundation to your eyelids.

  1. First you should thoroughly clean and moisturize your eye area. Moisturizing the eye area will protect the eye area’s delicate tissues and prevent the makeup from taking on a caked look. Moisten a cotton ball and dab over the eye area to remove any dirt or oil from the area. Then, using your finger, very gently rub eye moisturizer over the eyelids until thoroughly rubbed in.
  2. Apply eye primer makeup. Primer makeup prepares your skin for foundation application because it creates a smooth surface and helps the foundation to stay put when you apply it. Using your finger, dab the eye primer on to the eyelid and gently rub in. You will want to wait several minutes after applying the eye primer because it will need to set into your skin.
  3. After several minutes have passed, you can apply your foundation makeup. You should use a foundation that is the same color as your skin tone. Test the foundation before using it to make sure it blends into your skin. Apply a very small amount of foundation to a sponge and dab gently over the eyelids. Use your finger to rub the foundation in using a downward motion, being careful not to get the makeup in your eye.
  4. In order to set the foundation, apply powder the same color as your foundation makeup to your eyelids. Using a small makeup brush, apply the powder in a smooth, downward motion (the same way you applied your foundation) to the eyelids to ensure even coverage.
  5. After you have applied your makeup base in this manner, you can apply your eye shadow. The foundation makeup will prevent your eye shadow from creasing.

Though applying foundation makeup to your eyelids may take a bit more time than simply applying eye shadow without a base, it is worthwhile because your eye shadow will stay put and your made-up eyes will look more beautiful.


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