How To Apply Foundation to African American Skin

Foundation is used by almost every woman for one simple reason, flawless skin.  For years, it has been quite difficult for African American women to achieve this goal.  Finding foundations to match perfectly was rather daunting for Black women to say the least.  The two most common complaints were either the colors for Black women were too dark or too red.  The end result would conclude with two or three different color foundations purchased and the buyer becoming an instant colorist.  Now, in current times, women of color can find an array of beautiful darker toned foundation shades without the hassle of mixing.

When we talk about the application of foundation for African American women, the first, and most important step, is to find the correct shade for your skin tone, which, as explained above, is now rather simple.  Typically, when finding the perfect shade, it is best to apply foundation to your jaw as to allow for an even look that will include the neck and chest area when the foundation is being applied over the entire face.

  1. Now that the perfect color has been chosen, it is time to start the process of foundation application.  First, start off with a clean face.  An oil-free cleanser is recommended.  A toner is welcomed but not necessary.
  2. Next, apply a moisturizer.  An oil-free moisturizer is encouraged, especially if your goal is also longevity.  Make sure to completely massage the product into your skin before moving on to the next step.
  3. At this point, a primer can be applied.  Primers are used to allow for a smoother application and helps foundations stay on longer.  If you do not opt for a primer, a resistant sunscreen works as well.
  4. A concealer is used to hide skin problems that can occur at times.  Take your concealer and apply it to those areas.  Do not rub in the concealer but rather dab the product into your skin until the consistency is natural.  Dab the eye area with your ring finger for extra gentleness.
  5. You are now ready to apply your foundation.  Dot the foundation onto your face in the T-Zone area only.  Start off by rubbing the foundation into your forehead, then your entire nose, including the space in between your nose and your upper lip, your chin, and then your cheeks.  Do not be afraid to really rub the foundation into your skin and then begin to move out to the rest of your face.  The repetitive rubbing of the foundation and the gradual working it into your entire face will give you a more natural look.

It is nice to finish your look off with a powder.  Powders help your foundation last longer and it also gives your face a nice finished look.


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