How To Apply Glitter Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow is one of the most important pieces of makeup a woman can put on to enhance her looks.  There are many different colors and types of eye-shadows available to choose from.  In particular, one of the most unique kinds of eye shadow is glitter eye shadow.  This comes in just as many colors as cream or powder eyeshadows, but is a little more modern and creative.

You may be wondering how to apply glitter eye shadow without it looking weird.  There are several techniques that will ensure that your look is flawless.  First of all, before applying any eye makeup, you should take into consideration the color you are going to apply to your face.

To begin, you should have an array of eye shadow tools available just in case. One of the best and most versatile tools you can use is your own fingertip.  To apply the glitter eye shadow using this method, simply put some eye shadow on the end of your pointer finger and smear over the lower lid of each eye.  Make sure if you are using a dark color to do this sparingly so you don't end up looking like a circus clown.  Remember to blend it in well so it doesn't look pasted on.  Then you can use some remaining color on your finger to add some in the center above the crease in your eyelid, and blend in.

Another method of applying glitter eye shadow is to use a special blending tool that often comes with powder eye shadow.  You can sometimes control the blending better with this method.

Finally, you can also create stunning looks by stippling the glitter eye shadow on your eyelids to create a pattern.  For example, if you have a palette with silver, white and black mixed with silver glitter, the glitter can be patted on to your full eyelid and then blended slightly with your fingertip.  This creates a celebrity-like look that is very modern and fashionable.

If you are going to use a cream eye shadow, then it works best to use your fingertip.  If you use the tool that looks similar to a q-tip then it may get the spongy part of the applicator wet and make it not work as well in the future.  In this case, just squeeze a small amount of the cream or gel on to your pointer finger and dab on each eyelid evenly.  Then you may blend it in with your fingertip.  Take care to put the most glitter and color on the lids up to the crease.  You want to put less color above your crease in the eyelids because that is the most visible part of the eye.  If you put on too much color there it may come off as looking unnatural.

The most important tip of all is to have fun with your application!


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