How To Apply Glitter to Your Face and Body

Glitter is a great way to jazz up any great outfit and make-up combo.  When done properly face and body glitter can draw attention to your best areas, by bringing focus to your beautiful eyes, nice shoulders, and it can even be used to draw attention away from areas that may not need or want that much attention.

The first step is to pick a complementing color of glitter.  Silver tones of glitter go better with cooler skin tones and make-up choices, gold complements warmer tones, and pearlescent colors can be easily matched to almost everything in between.

Once all your important color decisions have been made, and the glitter has been chosen the next step is to clean your skin. Making sure that your skin is completely dry is very important so that excess glitter doesn’t stick to areas that it doesn’t need to be.

When applying the glitter, use it very sparsely and only in areas that are highlight areas.  These areas are:  cheek bones, collar bone area, the tips of your shoulders and even shin bones and the tops of your feet.  Remember never to use loose glitter near your eyes.

Note:  When applying your glitter, you can either use loose glitter or glitter gel. Loose glitter is best used on your body where it can shift and move with the natural peaks and highlighted areas, and gel is best used sparingly on your face, where you don’t want as much movement.

To apply loose glitter to your body, a large soft make-up brush is the best to use to ensure an even coverage.  Lightly brush your loose body glitter over your high peaks of your collar bone and the peaks of your shoulders. When applying the same glitter to your shins and feet, use the same brush and apply it lightly, using the same direction as the ridge of your shin bone, and the peaks of your feet.

The next step is to put your glitter on your face.  It is your choice on loose or gel.  It is highly recommended to use gel glitter, by putting very little on your fingers and gently spread it over the highest peaks of your cheek bones, sweeping up word to create a lifting effect.  However if you do want to apply loose glitter to your face, the brush again is your best friend. Use long even upwards strokes, keeping away from your eyes.


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