How To Apply Greek Goddess Makeup

The Greek goddesses have inspired a multitude of women to follow their simplistic yet ethereal approach to beauty. If you looking for a makeup look to go with a Greek-inspired gown or outfit, continue reading this article to find out how!

  • Start with your pre-make up routine. Begin by rinsing your face just as you would in the morning. Next, use facial products like soaps and cleansers to remove any oil and visible dirt off your face. It is advised to use a toner for cleaning you pores. Make sure to dab on some moisturizer to keep your face from becoming too dry or sensitive to makeup.
  • Prime before painting. Now that you are ready to get to work, use your face primer to prevent a heavy or cakey feeling that makeup is known to achieve. More importantly, using a primer will help protect your pores from stiffening and absorbing pigment buildups due to the layers of makeup applied on the face.
  • Foundation goes on first. Liquid foundation is easier to maneuver around the face but might not be everyone’s preferred formulation. The important thing is to use whatever you are most comfortable with. Apply small amounts of foundation with your choice of applicator. Gently blend the foundation on your skin until you have reached an even skin tone.
  • Conceal and set. If you want to remove any imperfections around your eyes such as eye bags and dark circles, use your concealer to lighten the area. Apply an amount on other facial marks such as acne and blackheads. Use your pressed powder to set your foundation and concealer in place.
  • Add a layer of bronzer. Take an appropriate amount of powder by using an applicator brush to form an even layer around your face and neck. Aim for a natural finish by applying amounts in moderation.
  • Bring attention to the eyes. Like many of the Greek goddesses, your eyes should be emphasized by your makeup look. Using some gold or bronze eye shadow, position your applicator over both eyelids. Select a neutral and darker shade for the crease color and start blending away. To line your eyes, take your waterproof liner and start at the center of both lids. Continue working your way to the outer edges until your have reached a dark and sultry finish. Begin attaching your falsies before going over them with your mascara. If you prefer to work with your natural lashes, simply curl them and apply a few coats of waterproof mascara.
  • Natural and glossy lips. Consider using nude and darker shades of red such as burgundy to compliment the lining of your eyes. To prevent the lipstick from bleeding, line the outer edges of the lips with a lip liner before applying the lipstick. Finish with some clear and lip gloss to produce some shimmer on your lips.

Along with a compact mirror, remember to throw in some gloss and pressed powder into your purse in case you need to retouch during the night. Be confident, you are now a modern day adaptation of a Greek goddess.


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