How To Apply Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can be a great way to improve your hair’s appearance. With hair extensions, those who have short hair can have long hair in a matter of hours. Thin hair can look fuller and healthier. It can also make hair more versatile, helping you adapt to many different styles of hair.

Here are the steps to apply hair extensions:

  1. Assess your hair. Doing this will determine the type of hair extensions you will need. This will help you match your natural hair to the hair extensions. Those with Caucasian hair should have no problem picking the right hair extensions. However, those with Asian and African hair will have to consult a specialist, as those hair types are delicate and have specific needs. The point of having hair extensions is to make hair look natural.
  2. Decide on the type of hair extensions you want to use. There are many different types of hair extensions. Clip-on hair extensions are the easiest to use. They are the easiest to apply at home, as they just snap on. Bonded hair extensions last a lot longer than clip-on hair extensions (at least four months). These are applied by plaiting the extensions into your hair and then sealing them with a special type of glue. Bonded hair extensions are best applied by a professional. Weaving is a variation of clip-on hair extensions. These extensions are glued to the scalp in wefts, and are removed with a special remover. This can easily be done at home. The hardest type of hair extensions to apply are individual hair extensions. It makes use of the fusion method, gluing individual human hair to your own hair with a protein glue. This type is done by a professional. You should choose the type of hair extensions for you depending on your needs and how long you want your extensions to last. It will also depend on what effect you want to achieve. Long and flowing hair can be achieved through clip-on extensions and weaves. For fuller hair, bonding and individual hair extensions are best.
  3. Care for your extensions. Work does not end after applying your hair extensions. You should make sure that your extensions are given the proper care. Poorly treated hair extensions cannot only ruin your look, but can damage your real hair too. It is important to look after your extensions. You will need special shampoo and moisturizers for them. Wash them every 2-3 days to prevent breakage. You have to remember that you cannot treat your extensions like real hair when washing and coloring. If you wish to color your hair extensions, consult a professional. Do not use hair dyes, as this will break down the extensions. You should also brush regularly, especially before sleeping. Make sure that there are no knots, as in time the knots will be impossible to untangle.

You can easily achieve the look you want with hair extensions. As long as you take care of them, you will get the most out of your investment. With these simple steps, you can look and feel good any time.


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