How To Apply Hair Gel

Applying hair gel is one of the easiest vanity rituals people do. Whether you are a man or woman, applying gel will always help you style your hair. For more information or ideas on how hair gel is applied, you may follow the simple steps below:

  1. Pick the right hair gel for your hair type. Normally, there are cosmetic consultants in every cosmetic or vanity stall/boutiques who you can ask for advice regarding your hair type. If you already know your hair type, you can just choose what kind of gel you want. There are those that stick heavily so if you do not want a crunchy look for your hair, you may not buy these. Gels come with different ingredients depending on the effect they give to hair. Some have plasticizers, perfume, color and gloss added for variation. Also gels are numbered according to how strong or mild it can hold your hair. The greater the number, the stronger the gel is.   
  2. Clean your hair. To do this thoroughly, wash your hair and rinse until you are sure that shampoo has been removed. Applying hair conditioner is optional if you are planning to put gel to your hair. If you do not want to wash your hair, just comb it to relax your tresses and hair shafts. 
  3. Put the gel on. Always start from the crown/forehead down to the end of your hair. Start with a little amount of gel on your palm, rub it then apply. Add necessary gel as needed. If you have short hair, it will be easier for you to scrunch your hair so the gel is evenly applied. For long hair, you may apply gel per section so you could apply enough and equal amount of gel to your hair. For curly or wavy hair, toss your head over and scrunch it with gel evenly especially at the roots.
  4. Create your own style. Because the gel can hold your hair when it dries up, you can style it to your desire. If you have a straight and long or medium length hair, you can twist it up to give it a curly look. To do this, take a lump of your hair strand after applying gel or you may re-apply gel for the strands you are working on, twirl or twist it up with your finger beginning from the tips up to the portion you want to create a curl. Hold it for at least 15 seconds or more. Do it repeatedly for the rest of your hair until you get your desired hairstyle for the day. You can also try braiding your hair until the gel dries up, shake it afterwards and your hair is ready. Rollers are good for creating an illusion of natural wave for the ends of your hair. For a short hair, just crumple it with gel and leave it at that or comb it for a stiffed look.

The uniqueness of your hair should not be compared with others, as each hair type is beautiful as long as you know how to carry your crowning glory. Hair cosmetic products are always available to help you out with your beauty regimen. Just try to do more research on the product you are using. Good luck!


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