How To Apply Las Vegas Showgirl Makeup

Showgirls are synonymous with Las Vegas. These extraordinary dancers sport elaborate headdresses, spangles, large feathers and sequined costumes that glimmer as they hop on stage. However, these sparkling attires will not be complete without the dancer wearing a coat of the typical Las Vegas Showgirl Makeup.

Here is how to do it:

  • Exfoliate. Clean skin with favorite cleanser, and apply toner. Let it dry completely and make sure that there is no oil in the skin for the makeup to cling on. Oily skin will make the makeup form into messy clumps.
  • Apply moisturizer, foundation and powder. This part is called the “face primer", to help the makeup stay intact. With clean hands, rub moisturizer gently on face. Wipe off any excess moisturizer with tissue, for excess moisturizer will cause the foundation to slip. Using a makeup brush or a sponge, apply foundation on cheeks, nose, chin and forehead. Blend the foundation with your fingertips or the brush, to even it out. Pay special attention to the hairline and jaw line. Follow-up with face powder to set the foundation. Do not put too much powder.
  • Make those eyes sparkle. Start with the eye shadow to give that depth to the look. Most of the time, silver-colored eye shadow is used or any metallic color at that. Apply two coats if necessary to make it look heavier. Blend the eye shadow properly. The color should fade on the way to the top of the lid. To achieve that shiny look, use glittery eye shadow.
  • Put on the false eyelashes. Use the full lashes for that "Betty Boop" effect. First, make sure lashes are clean from any traces of makeup. Afterwards, curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler to stretch them. Next, apply liquid liner or pencil liner to conceal lash roots. Then, apply eyelash glue on the fake eyelashes. Be careful not to get them on your hands for it gets messy. Using the tweezers, pick up the individual lash and wedge it on one's natural eyelashes. Hold it for a few seconds for it to dry in place. Keep it away from the inside of the eye. Press lashes in place using a Q-Tip.
  • Create a glowing look. Using your powder brush, apply bronzer onto face, to give that warm look. However, remember not to over-apply, just use a light touch with the brush. Most important are the forehead, cheeks, and nose, for that is where usually light strikes on.
  • Do not forget the lipstick. Line lips with lip-liner and fill it at the same time to enhance color of lipstick. Start from the upper lip. Work your way from the center to the corners. Do the same with your lower lip. Next, apply lipstick (usually it has bold-red, for the Las Vegas Showgirls), using a lipstick brush. You may also put on the lipstick from the lipstick tube. If you want a shiny look, top it with glittery lip-gloss. Just dab a small amount of gloss on top of your lips. You are now finished.

Now, you can now do the Las Vegas Showgirl Makeup on your own!


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