How To Apply Liquid Foundation Makeup

For a flawless finish and the appearance of perfect skin, it’s necessary to apply a liquid foundation as the starting point for your make-up. Liquid foundation comes in a wide range of colors to match almost any skin tone and you may also choose to combine your colors for a custom match to your skin. And liquid foundation comes in an array of textures, from a light and translucent coverage to a heavier matte finish designed to cover flaws. There are dozens of cosmetic brand names to choose from, each offering their own unique formula to the liquid foundation. So, don't be surprised if you have to experiment with a few brands to find your perfect color, texture and price range.

Your foundation color should be slightly lighter than your skin tone to achieve a fresh and natural look and blend evenly with your neck line. To apply the liquid foundation, use a small foam pad cut in a triangulated configuration. Dip the pad into a small amount of foundation and lightly circle the areas to be covered. You want to avoid the inside corners of your eyes and the immediate area below your eyes.

If you see a visible line along your jaw, wet the sponge and lift away some of the color, using a light circular motion. The color should dissipate in a natural way as you approach your neck. The liquid foundation may be damp for a minute, so just relax as it dries before applying the rest of your cosmetics. For best results with cheek color, try a cream type blush instead of a powder form to blend evenly into the liquid foundation.

The correct way to apply the liquid foundation is with a clean foam pad, but many women like to use their fingers instead. The reason this is frowned upon is because our fingers contain bacteria, no matter how much we wash them. And when that bacteria makes contact with the liquid foundation, it can contaminate your entire bottle. If you are adamant about applying your make-up with your fingers, you may opt for a foundation product packaged in a pump container. Just try to keep your fingers away from the spigot the best you can.

If you are going out for the evening and want your eye make up to remain fresh, use a thin swipe of your liquid foundation underneath your eyebrow before applying your shadow to that area. The foundation will grab the eye shadow color and give you a sharper line for your eyebrow pencil. If you do not want to fuss with your eye make-up, the foundation base will help to guard against sweating away your upper eye shadow and blurring your brow line. However, be sure to stay clear of applying the foundation in the immediate eye area, as this might cause an irritation.


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