How To Apply Lower Eyeliner

Eyeliner on your lower lid can really make an impact.  It makes your eyes stand out and can give your look a little edge, without going overboard.  You want to choose your eyeliner based on your eye color.  Black will work for most eye colors, but purple will make brown eyes stand out.  A green or dark blue will make blue eyes really stand out.  It is important to try a few colors and have fun with your make up.  Soon you will find out what color works best for you and your personality.

The first step to applying eyeliner on your lower lids, after choosing your color, is to make sure that the liner you are using has a sharp tip.  This can easily be achieved by using a makeup pencil sharpener.   You will also want to warm up the tip.  This can be done by either holding a lighter to it for no more than three seconds, or to run a few test tries on the back of your hand.  Doing so will make the liner smooth and easy to apply.  This will also help to remove any bacteria that have built up on the eyeliner.

You will need to have a steady hand for the second step in applying eyeliner to your lower lid.  With one hand gently pull the outer corner of your eye so you have a straight working space.  Then with a steady hand drag the pencil along the inside of your lid, as close to your eye as you are comfortable with.  You must be careful not to poke your eye; this will become easier with practice.  You may have to drag the back and forth a few times for the desired look.  The harder and longer you apply, the darker the outcome will be.  Go for a light look for the day and a heavier look for night.

After you have the desired look for your lower eye lids wipe underneath your lash line to soak up any oil which may cause your lower lid liner to smudge or run.  No one wants their lower lid eye liner to end up on their cheeks!  Raccoon eyes are not the look you are going for.

To further prevent your eyeliner from running you may want to run a complimentary eye shadow right under your lash line.  For instance, if you are using a purple shadow on your lids and black eyeliner, then you may want to use a lighter purple shadow just under the lower lashes.  This will not only insure that your eyeliner will not run, but also help your eyes stand out.

With a little practice you can learn to apply eyeliner to your lower lids like a pro!


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