How To Apply Lowlights to Hair

Lowlights can change your look in a more subdued way. It can make you look more attractive just by getting that hint of change. Although not as radical as having highlights, this type of hair coloring method has made a lot of fanatics out of men and women. It can be great for any season and can be a better choice for those afraid to experiment radically. You can follow the steps below to apply lowlights to your hair.

  1. Once you have decided to apply lowlights by yourself, choose a hair color that is a couple of shades darker, it will help in making you look more elegant by looking more natural.
  2. Choose popular brands. It beats getting cheaper brands and get the risk of unsightly color. Remember that hair is not easy to replace or grow back. Whatever you do, get the one that should suit your original hair color, and something that will blend easily.
  3. Read the instructions carefully, and follow them as it is said on the box.
  4. Do a strand test. This is for your assurance that you will get your desired color. You also need to see if it will have a different chemical reaction to your hair apart from changing the color. One of the effects would be making the hair brittle.
  5. Get a styling cape or an old towel that you can place around your shoulders to avoid the dye falling on your clothes. Get ready with the foil you need to use and a styling comb.
  6. Color on dry hair that has not been touched by shampoo for a day.
  7. Section your hair on where you want the lowlights to appear. That would be the hair falling around the middle part of your head.
  8. Get a few inches of hair and put it on top of the foil.
  9. Apply the color an inch below your scalp straight down till the roots.
  10. If you want a not so dramatic look hold the applicator in a straight line, if you want the opposite effect hold the applicator sideways when applying.
  11. If you want a look that is not too different from the one you had before, just put the lowlights a few inches away from each other. If you are willing to risk it a little bit more, put the lowlights just an inch or less away from each other.
  12. Fold the foil in half once coloring is done for the strands, and then fold again in half to lock in the color. This is to make sure that the hair will be nicely blended.
  13. Keep it on for the recommended minutes on the instruction manual. If you want the color more pronounced, leave it a few more minutes longer.
  14. Use the shampoo and conditioner included in the kit.

Keeping in mind the tips above, you will have a successful Lowlights Application DIY at home. Just choose the right shade to achieve that perfect look. If you are not confident enough, you can also check out online video tutorials that could make you a professional at applying lowlights. 


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