How To Apply Makeup for a Square Face

A square face usually has a rather prominent jaw, pronounced cheeks and broader forehead with a straight hair line. The chin may not be as defined and may hold a wider appearance than those whose faces are oval or heart shaped. Women with a square shaped face may need to pay closer attention to detail when applying makeup. Too heavy an application on the broader areas of the face can exaggerate the square shape bringing unwanted detail to troublesome areas. Square face makeup application should concentrate on defining the center of the face while softening the broader outer edges of the cheeks and hairline areas.

When applying foundation, try two different shades which will compliment and blend together on the face. A darker shade of tone-appropriate foundation should be applied to the bridge of the nose and blended along the cheek bones and center of the forehead. Apply a lighter shade to the rest of the face making sure to blend both shades accurately along the edges of the jaw and hair line. Apply a small amount of the darker foundation to the inside areas of both eyes. Those with a square shaped face often have eyes which are set wide apart. Defining the areas to either side of the nose and on the inside of the eyes will draw attention to the center of the face thus softening the sometimes bulky appearance of a square face.

Those with a square face tend to have wide-set eyes. Since these full and beautiful eyes often speak for themselves, eye makeup should be kept to a minimum. Apply an eye liner along the entire edge of the lower lid only. Unless dressing the face for an evening look, or if the features are already dark, a lighter tone should be chosen to temper the broad look of the eyes. Drawing the liner into the center of the eye only along the bottom lashes will make for a less direct expression and soften the square appearance. Apply mascara lightly and use, when tone-appropriate, a lighter shade of brown or light black only.

Applying blush to the cheeks of a square face may be the most important makeup tool. Two tone-appropriate shades should be used for a square face.  The cheek bones on a square face are sometimes undefined. For this, a darker shade should be applied just under the most pronounced area. Concentrate on the areas closest to the ears and under the cheeks. Avoid applying anything directly to the areas nearest the nose as this will draw attention to the center of the face. All makeup for a square face shape should be of a muted shade as lighter colors enhance while the darker shades tone.


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