How To Apply Makeup for Extended Wear

Can the makeup you apply at 8 a.m. in the morning last until a dinner engagement at 8 o'clock that night? It can if you learn a few tips about how to apply makeup for extended wear.

In order for your makeup to enjoy extended wear, it's important that you choose quality products designed for long-wearing application.  Start with a clean surface by fully cleansing your face and adding toner in order to remove any dirt and oils that might cause your foundation, lipstick and eyeliner to smudge or smear.  Your make-up choices should also be the best for your particular skin-type if you want the final result to be long-lasting.

It's important to prepare your face for the application of foundation and powder in order to enjoy makeup for extended wear.  Put on some moisturizer, which evens out the skin and helps reduce any dryness.  Once your foundation is applied, it will be less likely to disappear into dry skin pores.  The same goes for your lips. Apply a lip balm or moisturizer prior to applying lip stick or lip gloss.  This provides a smooth foundation for lipstick or gloss to last longer because it won't be absorbed into dry lips.

Select a foundation that is designed for extended wear or a waterproof foundation to provide longer-lasting wear. Apply your foundation with clean fingertips or a clean sponge, moving your strokes in upward motions very gently to avoid grinding the foundation into the skin. To help your foundation last longer, set it by applying loose powder with a large brush, dusting over your forehead, chin, eyelids and both cheeks.

If your makeup routine includes blush for your cheek area, select a quality brand in powder form which can be applied lightly with a brush and will last longer than cream-based blush.

To help your eye makeup enjoy more extended wear, be sure to apply an eye shadow base color over the whole eyelid prior to adding additional colors as this step helps to set your eye shadow application and will help your eye colors last throughout the day.  A non oil-based concealer works well for this step.  Use pencil eyeliner for longer wear and brush the first line you apply with a little powder prior to going over this line again.  Some brands of liquid eyeliner that is waterproof last a long time.  Apply mascara to your eyelashes, wait a minute, then apply a second coat for extended coverage.

For lip makeup that enjoys extended wear, be sure to outline your lips using a lip liner.  Then apply a good quality extended wear lipstick, and blot your lips between a piece of one-ply tissue paper.  Add more lipstick if desired, finishing up with a gloss or lipstick sealant.

For the finishing touch to makeup with extended wear, brush over your entire face lightly with bronzing powder.  Remember to keep your hands and fingers away from your face and your make-up as you go through the day to avoid smudging.


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