How To Apply Makeup to Hide Scarring

Girl applying concealer

There are several ways to apply makeup to hide scarring. Scars are embarrassing and many people become so ashamed they refuse to go out but when applied correctly make up will conceal almost every kind of scarring including birthmarks, acne scarring and minor and major scars.

The first step to using makeup to cover scarring is to apply a concealer. For best results it should be purchased from a professional line rather from a drugstore because professional brands contain more pigment which results in better scar coverage. The concealer should also be formulated to conceal scarring. If the scars are thick or dark concealers found in drugstores will not cover this type of scarring. The best places to purchase professional brand concealers are either online or at beauty supply stores.

The first thing to do is to make sure the concealer closely matches the skin tone. Also color corrective concealers can be purchased as well which will blend better with the skin tone. A small amount of concealer should be applied before any other makeup and the area where it is to be applied should be clean and dry. It is best if concealer is put on with a cosmetic sponge this way the makeup will be well-lined blend and better cover the scar. Concealer should never be rubbed into the skin because it will penetrate the skin and leave the scar uncovered.

Foundation is the next step when applying make up to hide scars. For best results foundation should also come from a professional line because it will provide the best coverage for scarring. Also it is important to closely match skin color. There are also color corrective foundations which better blend with skin tones. Foundation should also be applied to a clean and dry area with a sponge and a small amount should be used because if too much foundation is used it can make the scar look worse. Foundations and concealers are for covering less noticeable scars.

Applying powder is the last step using makeup to hide scarring. It should be used after applying concealer or foundation.  Powder will not cover scars, but it will keep concealer and foundation makeup which is applied over the scars from smearing or rubbing off. Powder will also help eliminate the shiny appearance left on the skin after the use of concealers and foundations. The best type of powder to use is a loose or pressed powder and it should be translucent. Powder is best applied with a brush that is lightly brushed over the scar or it can be gently pressed on with a makeup sponge.

Many people have some type of scarring and fortunately there are makeup products available for both the face and body which will cover just about every type of scarring and which will give skin a more smooth and natural appearance.


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