How To Apply Men's Hair Cream

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Men can be experts in a number of fields, but sometimes they do have their limits. Metro sexual men know which brand is better than the others, but others are just at a total loss. Here we will discuss how to apply Men’s hair cream. Men’s hair cream is used to get that certain look a man wants to project to look good or attract a partner.

  1. Purchase a hair cream that is highly recommended by friends. You should discuss whether he has the same hair type as you do. It would be pointless to buy a cream that is specifically made for oily hair when you have a normal type of hair.
  2. Take a shower and dry your hair a bit. Just damp enough to be easy to work on. Use your towel to take off the excess water but do not leave it too dry for the cream will not work well with dry hair.
  3. Read the instructions. When it says just a few amount of the crème will do then just do exactly that. Going overboard can make your hair look unnatural.
  4. Once you have the cream on your palms rub them together to spread it evenly. The heat generating from your palms will make the cream react better to your hair.
  5. Get a mirror to make sure when you apply the product it will go to all of the areas needed. Go to a place where there is ample light.
  6. You can either start from the top or at the back of your hair. Most men prefer the top to back but whatever works best for your should do. Spread it around the sides as well.
  7. Do not put too much on the sides of the hair, a little bit should just go there to make the hair look put together. If you put too much on the sides and neglect the front, that would be not pleasing to look at.
  8. Go through your hair with your fingers a couple of times to get a more natural look. This trick is commonly used. Some even just do this and be done with it.
  9. If you are not contented with that, use a comb to style. A small brush would do also. Style it the way you think it will look good on you.
  10. Get the opinion of someone living with you. Ask him to tell you honestly if the whole look is good and if the hair cream does not look too heavily applied. If you get a negative reaction, then try to apply less cream the next time.
  11. Try a different brand if it still does not work after a few more tries. Applying hair cream should not be difficult but if you think you have done everything correctly then the cream does not work well with your hair type.
  12. Get some tips from salon experts or barbers the next time you go for an appointment. They will definitely have good recommendations and styling tips to share with you.

Men who take time to groom themselves are very attractive to the opposite sex. Applying hair cream should not take you too much time. Do it everyday and you will look like you stepped out of a men’s magazine in no time.


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