How To Apply Mime Makeup for Kids

Whether you’re looking for a unique costume or simply doing so for fun, applying mime makeup for kids is a great way to get into character.  Best of all, this process is easy and exciting for children and can be easily wiped off at the end of the day.  Besides some paint and a steady hand, it’s easy to get started applying mime makeup for kids!

If your child has a mime costume, make sure that you dress him or her in it first.  Applying the makeup first will result in the costume being pulled over the face, so think ahead and get your child in the proper attire.  To protect the costume, place a smock or towel over the clothes.

  1. Have your child wash his or her face to remove any dirt or residue.  This will help the makeup go on smoother, while also avoiding dirt and debris getting trapped in the skin.  Tie back your child’s hair using a rubber band or hair clip.  You will now outline the face using white grease paint.  White grease paint can be purchased inexpensively from a costume or makeup store and is ideal for applying clown and mime makeup.
  2. Start applying mime makeup by drawing a line along the jaw and then around the whole face, ending at the top of the forehead.  Keep about an inch away from the hairline and when finished, fill in the shape using the white grease paint.  To make things look even and apparent, you can choose to outline the shape using black eyeliner.  When finished, be sure to powder the face to make the makeup less sticky and drawing the lines smoother.
  3. To continue applying mime makeup for kids, use black eyeliner to draw the rest of the features.  You can choose to give the mime some emotion, or simply follow the natural flow of your child’s face.  Because there are so many variations of mime expressions, it’s best to let your child choose his or her desired look.  Print off pictures using the Internet and let your child decide which ones he likes best.
  4. Aside from a few minor details, you will use the black eyeliner to accentuate your child’s eyebrows and eyes.  Draw in darker eyebrows that show emotion, such as pointy ones for a mad face, or droopy ones for a sad face.  Next, continue applying mime makeup on your child by enhancing the eyes.  You can draw long lashes, use eyeliner to trace the shape of the eye, or make tiny triangles or tears on the corners of the eyes.

To complete applying mime makeup for kids, draw different shapes on the cheeks or make them rosy using a bright, red lipstick.  Then add lipstick onto the lips, making them stand out from the white grease paint.  When finished, powder the face once more so that the makeup and face paint is not sticky.


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