How To Apply Pancake Makeup

Pancake makeup is thick makeup used as a full-cover foundation in pressed powder form. Max Factor invented it during the 1930s to replace the heavy grease paints that were originally used by artistes in theatrical and movie productions. There are different types of base makeup that you can use to cover up scars, imperfections, tattoos and other skin discolorations, and for some, even facial hair. Pancake makeup will provide you with even and smooth cover if it is applied according to directions. Make up artists rely on pancake makeup to give actors even and flawless skin whether they are going to appear on film or video, pose for a photo shoot or act in a theatrical production. Pancake makeup can withstand the harsh and hot klieg lights used in movie and theater performances that can melt ordinary makeup. Here are some tips to apply pancake makeup cleanly and evenly.

  • Pancake makeup is water-activated meaning that you need to use spray some water into the pressed powder to be able to use it. You can spritz some water onto your pancake tin while you clean your face. Exfoliate your face to remove dead skin cells so that your bare face will be smoother and ready for the application of pancake makeup. Apply moisturizer all over your face and neck before applying anything else.
  • Use two colors of pancake makeup. Get one that is slightly lighter than your skin tone and one that exactly matches your skin. Soak wedges of latex foam in water and squeeze out the excess. Load the foam wedge with the light color pancake makeup first. Apply it near your hairline around your forehead and temples as well as areas where you have facial hair that you need to cover. Apply it evenly.
  • Get another damp latex wedge and rub it over the pancake makeup that matches your skin tone. Apply this all over your face blending it with the lighter color near your hairline. This will give you a more natural look. You will notice when you look at your bare face that the skin around your face near the hairline is naturally lighter than the rest of your face. Using a lighter color of pancake makeup and blending it with another one that exactly matches your skin tone will achieve that effect. Do not just apply pancake makeup on your face. You should also apply it on your neck. If you plan to don a low cut neckline, you should also think about applying pancake makeup on the area that will be exposed. This will make your skin flawlessly smooth and even.
  • It is advisable that you apply pancake makeup in layers, smoothing each application evenly. This will ensure that your application will not be streaky and blended nicely. Use swift upward strokes when applying pancake makeup. Once you have applied the lighter colored one, start applying the other one from the center of your forehead upwards and towards the sides. Do not use downward strokes unless you are applying pancake makeup along the bridge of your nose. Dab the sponge when you are applying cover under your eyes and along your upper lids and brow bone so that the skin will not be stretched which can create temporary wrinkles and mar the smooth coverage you want to achieve.

Allow the pancake makeup to dry before you apply color to your cheeks. To make the makeup last longer and prevent having an oily face due to sweat add LiquiSet, a product from Ben Nye Cosmetics. Remember that pancake makeup is very heavy and is not suitable for regular daytime and outdoor wear. Use the product for special occasions where you are requires a smooth and flawless skin.


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