How To Apply Perfect False Eyelashes

Wearing the perfect false eyelashes can dramatically change your look. You are certainly going to stand out and draw attention. Unfortunately, even professional makeup artists are challenged when asked to put on some false eyelashes to their discriminating clients. Doing it right seems elusive, even baffling. When false eyelashes are not put on properly, results are often awful and disappointing. Worry no more. Become the glamour queen that you are dreaming about. Here are some tricks on how you can apply perfect false eyelashes on your own:

  • Prepare your lash. Have a mirror and a good pair of tweezers. Then, get the glue specifically for your dark lash. You also need to have a little half-moon of eye lashes. You don’t need to worry about the brand of glue and lash to us. In this case, any brand is OK. All you need to master is the technique.
  • Glue your lash. Thoroughly clean and dry your hands before doing this process. When you are all set, get your lash glue. Squeeze a line on your hand. Then, take hold if your pair of tweezers. Carefully pluck out your lashes from its plastic case. Slowly dip it into your lash glue. Here is the trick. This is going to matter a lot in making sure that your eye lashes are properly placed and applied. Give the lash glue some time. Wait for it to be a bit tacky. Don’t rush in applying it to your eyes. Give it a quick blow. Your waiting time should not be more than 15 seconds.
  • Apply your lash. Target your bare lash line. Your goal is to be able to press the flat end of your lash. Check the base of your lash and then, begin pressing. You should do it from your eye’s outer corner. Using the tip of your pair of tweezers, press it slowly. Move towards your eye. Since you are using a dark glue, there is nothing much to worry. Problems occur when you simply settle in using an Elmer’s Glue because that ‘s conveniently available.
  • Enhance your lash. You can still guild the lily, if you wish. Get your mascara. Consider putting on a little swipe. You need it so you can evenly blend your false eyelashes with your own lashes.

If you are not really familiar with false eyelashes, you need to get a fool-proof and reliable pair. You can visit your community drug store and start your search there. Look for Ardell and Andrea false eye lashes. They are two of the more reputable brands in the market. Ardell has plush false eyelashes for fuller volume (Pair No. 101). Meanwhile, Andrea has thinner false eyelashes for a more subtle look (Pair No. 53). You may also check out Revlon if you want own some of those wispy false eyelashes. It is also more practical to get a pair of false eyelashes that comes with an eyelash glue. That can definitely save you time and effort when you need to put on your eyelashes.


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