How To Apply Perfect Wedding Makeup

Your wedding day is the one day that you want to look perfect. From the shoes to the dress and accessories, everything is planned and coordinated for weeks and months leading up to the big event. The final icing on the cake of your wedding look is the perfect wedding makeup. Make sure you ace this test by following the steps below to apply perfect wedding makeup.

  1. Start with a great surface. You might think that getting a facial or new cosmetics are essential to pre-wedding skincare but this is not the best idea. Don't make a drastic change in your product or routine because you run the risk of causing redness, irritation and inflammation on your special day. For the months leading up to your wedding, stick to a simple cleansing and moisturizing routine. Avoid any plucking, waxing or tanning for at least five days before the wedding.
  2. Plan ahead. There are several styles of makeup available so do your homework. Talk to the makeup artist you want to use. If you are doing your own makeup then be sure that you experiment with a few different styles to find the right look for you. Purchase and test the cosmetics and look at least two weeks before the wedding.
  3. Schedule a practice consultation. No matter who is doing the makeup you want at least one practice session before the big day.
  4. Put your look (and cosmetics) to the test. After the practice session don't rush home and wash your face. Instead give your look a test. Head out for a night with your guy or your friends to test the longevity of the look. Make sure the mascara can withstand tears and laughter. Get an idea of how long your lipstick will last and when you need to reapply. You don't want to end up with great wedding photos taken without your lip color.
  5. Apply perfect foundation. Make certain that you choose a foundation that is a perfect match to your skin tone. When applying concealer before your foundation, consider mixing a little foundation with the concealer so that they are a perfect match.
  6. Brush on a light dusting of powder. Be very careful if you are planning a summer wedding outside. You will need to keep your makeup to a minimum to avoid the shine and drip of sweating through your special day. Dust the powder all over your face to blend with the foundation.
  7. Apply blush. Choose a neutral shade of blush so that your natural blushes can show through. Your wedding day will be an emotional one so let your natural emotion show in your skin.
  8. Spend time on the eyes. If you want to get your makeup right then you must excel at the eye makeup. Apply a shade for contour and depth. Then be sure to highlight with a shade that will catch the light of the camera flash and glow instead of glare. Apply mascara lightly. You want your eye makeup to enhance your eyes instead of disguising them.
  9. Finish with the lips. For longer lasting lipstick, apply the color to your lips. Then use a matching lip pencil to outline and blend into the lip color. Blot once. Dust with a light powder. Apply a second coat of the lipstick. Then finish with a clear lip gloss if necessary. These extra steps will help your lip color last all day.

Perfect wedding makeup application takes time and effort. Plan ahead and work with a makeup artist and you will be pleased with the results.


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