How To Apply Photo Shoot Makeup

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Looking nice in front of a mirror does not mean you will look the same after flashing that camera. Photos are not always taken the way things really look like. The lens cannot always copy the smallest detail—and that includes your light and natural makeup. That is why if you expect some snapshots in an occasion or you will be in a photo shoot, better be prepared and wear the right makeup or you’ll look terrible.

Here are some tips on applying makeup for a photo shoot:

  • Use photo-friendly lines of makeup. Brand lines like Cargo Blue Ray and MUFE HD are just some of the many lines that specifically target consumers who always want to look good on photos. Using any of these lines is a sure way to look more gorgeous on your every photo.
  • Apply more. The flash from the camera and the lights will rob some tint from your makeup. This is the reason why you look paler and your makeup looks less on a photo. So, applying more than the usual makeup will remedy this common photo shoot problem. That means you should apply darker lipstick, more eyeshadow, more blush on, and more eye liner.
  • Use a magnifying mirror. This type of mirror will come in handy if you will apply the makeup on yourself. This is also a good way to spot the tiny blemishes on your face. You need to hide even the slightest imperfection on your face especially if SLR camera will be used or if the photo will be taken under daylight.
  • Choose matte. Using shiny makeup might only reflect on the photo. Better avoid using glittery makeup and stick with matte finish.
  • No to SPF creams. These creams, when applied on moisturizer or foundation, will only cause white casts on your face. The white casts will be visible on your photos.
  • Black-and-white picture makeup. Using colorful makeup will be useless for black-and-white photos. The makeup trick here is to accentuate the nice contours of your face like the chin, forehead, nose, and cheekbones. Use light-color makeup, too. Instead of using red lipstick, stick with pink or yellow.
  • Ear foundation. Apply some foundation on your ears if they tend to be reddish most of the time. The foundation will conceal the ears’ redness.

Test how you look with that makeup by taking your own photo. A phone camera or your point-and-shoot cam can already show you the difference. See if that’s the look you want to have on photos. Remedy some problems so you’ll look just perfect on the photo.

Besides makeup, also pay attention to your hair and your dress. Your perfect look will give you a perfect photo.

Also, remember that the tips mentioned above are only for the usual still-life photography. Some photo shoot will have a theme that needs colorful makeup. It’s okay not to follow the tips above as long as you can get the effect that your photographer wants.


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