How To Apply Powder Makeup

Powder make-up has a light and airy texture that can give you a healthy glow all day and minimize the shine. The powdered products are also the easiest to apply and require less touch ups to keep the fresh look you had at the start of the day. And the powder based foundations are very economical to buy and will normally outlast its liquid counterpart.

If you are going to wear a powder based foundation, be sure you select a shade that is slightly lighter than your skin tone. Most of the top brands will supply a brush or sponge inside the package, or you may prefer to indulge in a finer brush from your beauty supply store.

Cleanse your face well and be sure that it is completely dry before applying a powder base foundation. If there is any moisture on your skin, the foundation will leave streak marks that are difficult to blend away. Apply the foundation in a light, circular motion until the area is covered. However, if you have fine hairs on your face, you will need to swipe the color in the direction that the hairs are growing to avoid bringing attention to them.

Next, you will need a powder base blush to add color to your cheeks. A cream base blush is good to use with liquid foundation, but can cause streaks when applied over the top of a powdered foundation. So, be sure that your cosmetics match in their texture.

For normal to oily skin types, the powder foundation is your best bet to minimize shine and reduce the need to blot with a compact throughout the day. And when applying make-up in the summer heat, the powder formulas are much easier to maintain a smooth skin tone and reduce sweating. The key to keeping your powdered foundation and blush fresh looking is to replace the applicator sponge or brush at the first sign of build up. So, although the powder foundation will come with a sponge applicator, be prepared to swap it out for a new one after about a month. You can buy them cheaply in bulk at beauty outlets, and they will serve you well for many other uses for your cosmetic needs.

Powdered foundation comes in different densities and some are moister than others. If you have fine lines and wrinkles to cover, your best bet is with a liquid foundation that will fill in the gaps. Although the powdered formulas are sheer and elegant, some of the drier versions may emphasis crow's feet and laugh lines. If you can find a liquid solution that closely matches your favorite powdered foundation, then use the powder for the main application and just dab a compatible color over the fine lines. And when properly blended, no one will be able to tell the difference.


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