How To Apply Powder to Oily Skin

Girl using face powder

One of the basic items of the cosmetic world is facial powder; it is applied to the face before the eye or lip make-up can be applied, and it is the base used to set the face for the other cosmetics. Facial powder should be chosen with care. You will want to purchase a facial powder that will not damage your skin; no matter what your skin type you want to look for a powder that is labeled hypo-allergenic. When it comes to applying face powder there are many techniques that a person can use; but if you have oily skin there is one technique that will work the best for you. The general problem when applying powder to oily skin is that there is a tendency for the powder to stick to the oil in the skin causing thick deposits of powder to form on various parts of the face, causing a blotchy look. The last thing anyone wants is blotchy looking skin.

  1. The first step to get a flawless finish is to prepare the skin before applying any cosmetics. You will need to cleanse your face with a mild facial cleanser to wash off any dirt or cosmetics. After you wash your face, you will need to apply a mild astringent to control excess oil.
  2. Once your face is cleansed and the astringent has dried you may begin the powder application by selecting a wide cosmetic brush with loose bristles.  The best powder to use on oily skin is loose powder; dip the brush into the powder, swirling it gently, and then shake off any excess powder back into the container.
  3. When you begin to apply the powder to your skin you need to use large sweeping motions with the brush, beginning at your chin and working your way upward to avoid a thick concentration of powder on any one area of the face.
  4. Once you have applied the powder over your entire face, you can touch up the areas that need more powder by using a cotton pad. First dip the pad in the powder, shaking off the excess powder, then dabbing, not rubbing the powder over those areas.
  5. If you notice any area of your face that has a high concentration of powder, causing a blotchy patch, you may gently rub that particular area with a clean cotton pad to remove the excess powder.
  6. The last step in getting a flawless look is to blend the powder in the area under the chin at the top of the neck. You will want to use a damp cotton pad in swirling motions to blend the face powder so there will not be a visible line between your face and your neck.

Once you have finished applying your face powder according to these instructions, it will be the perfect backdrop for the rest of your make-up.


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