How To Apply Prom Makeup

Preparing for prom is the most exciting time in a teenage girl's life. Prom makeup needs to be perfect so that the pictures will turn out just right. But before you head to a makeup artist to get help with your prom makeup, considering doing it yourself. With this guide, you can apply prom makeup at home that will impress your friends and your prom date.

Step 1

Start with a clean face and an even skin tone. Your prom makeup will turn out better if you start with a good base. Clean and dry your face. Then apply foundation (powder or liquid) to your entire face. Make sure you don't leave any noticeable lines by blending in the foundation with a sponge. Foundation helps to even out your skin tone and cover any blemishes, freckles or uneven coloration.

Step 2

Add some blush. Make your cheeks noticeable by applying some brush during your prom makeup session. Choose a pink or red blush color that suits your skin tone and dress. Using a large brush, sweep blush just under your cheek bones. (If you can't find the right spot for blush, make a fish face and apply blush in the hollows of your cheeks.) A few strokes should do it.

Step 3

Focus on the eyes. Of course you want your prom makeup to be spectacular, but you don't want it to be overdone. You can't highlight both your eyes and your mouth because it would be too much. Your look would be overdone and you won't look as great as you could have. By focusing on your eyes, your prom makeup will look amazing.

Start by adding some concealer to even out the skin color around your eyes. Dab a little bit below your eyes and on the creases of your eye. Blend with your finger. Then apply eye shadow. Darker colors make for a smokey effect. Going with a three-toned color palette, begin with the lightest color on the bottom of your lid. Sweep it across your entire lid. Follow this with the second-darkest color along your lid only, and finish with the darkest color above that, all the way up to your brow line. Blend with your finger or a brush.

To make your eyes stand out even more, your prom makeup should include some eyeliner. Using a dark liner with a thin applicator brush (you don't want to overdo this subtle step), work from the innermost part of your upper eye outward, right at your lash line. Start at the middle of the bottom of your eye and work outward, repeating the process for both eyes.

Since it's prom, you should probably also curl your eye lashes. Using an eyelash curler, squeeze your lashes in the curler for a few seconds. Next, it's time to apply mascara. Darker colors are better for evening looks, so choose brown or black mascara. Starting at the root of the eyelash, drag the mascara brush outward, wiggling it back and forth to ensure full coverage. Repeat this for the top and bottom of both eyes.

Step 4

Finish off with some lipstick. Your prom makeup isn't complete without some lipstick. Choose a subtle, warm color (remember, you don't want to out-match your eyes). Start with a similar shade of lip liner and line your upper lips with liquid liner. Then add your lipstick, making sure you ‘blotch' on a Kleenex to remove any excess lipstick. Finish off your prom look with some lip gloss. This will help keep your lips luscious-looking all night. And it will stop them from drying out too. (Keep your lipstick and gloss in your purse so you can do touch-ups throughout prom night.)

Step 5

Consider some glitter. Prom night is a time to shine, literally! Consider adding some body glitter to your prom makeup routine. Sprinkle a little bit on your face and neck. Or use a sparkly powder on your face to give a subtle hint of glamour to your prom look.

Make sure all of your prom makeup is blended well. Wash your hands thoroughly after applying your prom makeup so that nothing transfers to your prom dress as you get dressed. And enjoy your evening knowing that you and your prom makeup look great!


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