How To Apply Skin Foundation

Skin foundation is a must for most women. If the face were the canvas, then skin foundation ensures that this canvas is as flawless as possible. However, it is common for women to apply skin foundation improperly, and this just serves to enhance the flaws of the face instead of diminish them. If you’re looking to find ways on how to properly apply skin foundation, here are some techniques that will help you out:

1.    Choose the best skin foundation for you. Remember: your skin foundation should look natural. It should blend in well with your skin color and you should not aim to use it to appear several tones lighter or darker. To know if the foundation is the right color for you, apply it near your jawline. It should look invisible after three to four strokes.

The occasion will dictate how light or heavy your skin foundation should be. For the following cases, a heavier foundation that can provide maximum coverage would be called for: formal nighttime functions, pictorials, dinner at a theater or a club (or any other place with low lighting), etc. These types of foundations are usually in solid, mousse, and cream form. For normal, everyday situations, however, you would need a lightweight foundation. These types of foundation are usually water-based or in liquid, sheer and skin gel forms. 

2.    Prep your face. It’s a big no-no to apply skin foundation without washing your face. This behavior could lead to the imperfect blending of the skin foundation, not to mention  possible skin break-outs. After cleaning your face, apply moisturizer for easier blending and more even applicatio. Some professional make-up artists use pre-foundation make-up base in place of moisturizers.

3.    Know the application techniques. Though sponges are commonly used to apply skin cosmetics, it is actually recommended that you use your fingers to apply foundation - particularly for those in liquid form; cream and solid foundations really require sponges and brushes. The advantage of using your fingers is that they would avoid the tendency of harshly pulling on your facial skin during application. If you prefer to use sponges, make sure that you clean them well since they could be storehouses of dirt and germs.

Dab on a spot of foundation at the center of your forehead, down to your cheeks, your chin, and your nose. Afterward, blend them all together over your face. By dabbing on these spots of foundation, you would be able to control the amount of foundation you would put on. 

Blend the foundation well, and make sure that you apply the foundation up to the top of your hairline, and down your neck. The point is to avoid leaving any harsh lines on your face, and that the edges are undetectable.

4.    Know your different options. When choosing your skin foundation, know that not only does it serve to diminish your facial flaws; it could also be a sun foundation - that is, foundation that would protect you from the harmful rays of the sun; SPF 15 is usually adequate - or a prescriptive foundation to heal pimples while covering them up. There are also body foundations available; these are used to cover up body flaws.

There you have it! Remember, the key is to let your skin foundation do its job of diminishing your flaws. You’ll know you did a good job if people comment on your appearance, and not on the makeup itself. Good luck!


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