How To Apply Skin Whitening Cream on Your Face

Woman puts on facial cream

How would you like to have a face that could launch a thousand ships? Every woman would love to have a more pearly white and unblemished face. Since not all ladies are given fairer skin, many would resolve to use skin bleaching to whiten their dark face or use a skin whitening cream to make their face look nicer.

The color of your skin highly depends on the amount of melanin present in your body. Some Asian women have a greater amount of this skin pigment in their bodies, making their skin color darker, while some women have less melanin in their body giving them a fairer skin tone.

Having blemished, dark, and uneven facial skin color can make you feel conscious or uncomfortable, in the process making you lose your self-confidence. But you need not worry, because you may use whitening facial cream to achieve the snowy white skin you desire. Here are the steps to effectively apply skin whitening cream on your face.

  1. Gently wash your face using moisturizing soap and milk-warm water, or clean it using a facial cleanser that suits your skin type. After washing your face, pat it dry using a clean soft cloth. Do not rub your face when drying it.
  2. As soon as your face is dry. Use your third finger, fourth finger, or baby fingers to get a minute amount of cream to apply on the forehead. Smoothen the cream toward the core of your forehead by massaging it in an outward motion.
  3. Put a pea sized amount of cream on your middle finger and massage the facial cream smoothly all over the bones of your chin area, the skin under your mouth and cheeks following circular and upward strokes.
  4. Your neck is also a part of your face, so you must put whitening cream on it as well. Apply the cream all over your neck in an upward movement.
  5. Never use your thumb or your pointer finger when applying cream onto your face, considering the fact that they are your forceful fingers. For this reason they can tear the subtle skin tissues of your face.
  6. Be careful in choosing facial whitening cream, since not all skin whitening creams are safe to apply on the face. You have to be aware that these creams may contain ingredients that are not attuned to your skin type, like they may have hydroquinone that can whiten your skin but can cause cancer of the skin the longer you use these products with such ingredients.

Aiming for a white and spotless face doesn’t happen overnight. You must take good care of your skin too, by eating the right kinds of food. Using the right facial tools like whitening soaps and creams can help you attain fairer skin color. It is also best if you consult an expert dermatologist as to what skin whitening facial cream is more effective and safe to use.


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