How To Apply the Perfect Temporary Tattoo

A tattoo in the early days was often associated with sailors, criminality or the circus. It is a symbol of an important event, person or thing in a person’s life. In modern times, a tattoo is no longer limited to sailors, criminals or circus people. Today it has evolved into a type of status symbol. Sometimes it is a permanent emblem of something or someone important. There are some people who want a tattoo but not permanently. Of course it would be really advantageous to be able to change tattoos every now and then. Now you can, by using temporary tattoos! A temporary tattoo is tricky to apply, so be sure to follow these steps on how to perfectly apply it:

  1. Choose a part of your body. Be sure you do not have very sensitive skin or have any allergies of the temporary tattoo’s ingredients. You can put it in any part of your body but the real trick here is to choose a part that does not always bend a lot. Make sure the area you choose matches the size of the tattoo you are going to apply.
  2. Clean the area. Before apply the temporary tattoo, clean the area with soap and water. Wipe with a towel and be sure the area is totally dry before proceeding with the application. You would not want the tattoo to slide off before you finish with the application.
  3. Shave if necessary. If your skin has more hair than usual, you should shave off the excess hair to prevent the tattoo from getting bumps from the hair beneath it. If you accidentally pulled on the hair, part of your tattoo will be ripped off. Shave the chosen part very carefully.
  4. Ask a friend. It will be best to ask a friend or someone to position and apply the temporary tattoo for you. This will ensure that the tattoo will not fold, wrinkle or twist. This is one alternative for you but you can still apply the temporary tattoo by yourself.
  5. Apply temporary tattoo. Hold firmly the tattoo on the area where you are going to imprint it. With a wet washcloth, apply water over the backing of the tattoo, carefully working from one end to the other. Be sure to sweep in one direction to avoid missing parts.
  6. Lift the backing. Lift slightly the corner of the tattoo backing to determine if the tattoo is transferred. Do not lift the backing immediately. If the tattoo is already patched on your skin, lift the rest of the backing very slowly.
  7. Let it dry. Let the tattoo dry before wiping off excess water or adhesive. Do not bend or wrinkle your skin until you are sure the tattoo is fully dry. Avoid applying lotion or creams over the tattoo or it may get smudged. Let it dry before slipping in any clothing on top of your tattoo.

A temporary tattoo may last up to 3 weeks depending on your skin type. If you are careful enough not to accidentally scratch it, it will stay on your skin for a longer period. Now you can wear a tattoo without the worry of taking it off when you want to or when needed. You can also change tattoos depending on occasions. Temporary tattoos can get you into character or imprint an emblem of your choice for that period of time. What an easy and cool way to wear tattoos painlessly and temporarily.


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