How To Apply Toner to Highlighted Hair

Toners are hair products that will allow you to change the details in the tone color of your hair. Toners come with specific functions, such as for brightening hair, deepening hair color, or for neutralizing hair color. If you have highlighted hair, applying toner is one of the ways to liven up your hair color. Here are the steps to apply toner to highlighted hair.

  1. Shampoo hair. Begin by shampooing hair to remove the dirt and oil that can prevent the toner from penetrating the hair. Keep in mind that hair toners have a touch of peroxide, which is a bleaching agent. The peroxide in hair toners is very diluted and mild, however, and will not work unless the hair is free from dirt. Once the hair has been cleaned and rinsed, pat dry with a soft towel.
  2. Select the toner. The toner that you need for highlighted hair will depend on the base color of your hair. If you have black hair, it will naturally deepen through time. This means that the hair will grow dark and will make it difficult for hair coloring pigment to adhere. For these types of hair, you will need brightening hair toners. For lighter hair, on the other hand, you can use deepening hair toners.
  3. Add the toner from the roots to tips. To apply the toner, you need to apply the product into the hair from the roots to the tips. As much as possible, the person should be lying on a bowl sink with the hair spread into the sink. Apply the toner while following the direction of the hair. Massage the product into the scalp, and then downwards until you reach the roots to ensure an even distribution of the product. There should be mild foaming. Massage the product into the hair for at least one minute.
  4. Let the toner process the hair. Depending on the type and strength of toner that you are using, you will need to let the product sit on the hair anywhere from two minutes to half an hour. While waiting, support the head by placing a soft towel under the neck, especially if the person is lying with the head on a salon sink. Follow the product instructions on the packaging, to determine the amount of time that you need for the toner to process the hair.
  5. Mildly shampoo and rinse. Afterwards, you need to rinse the toner off the hair. Keep in mind that letting the toner stay on the hair for too long will result in dull hair. If you are using brightening toners, it can also cause the hair to look dry and bleached, or can remove the pigments in the hair if you are using deepening toners. Use cold water to rinse off the toner. Apply mild and color safe shampoo onto the hair, and quickly rinse, to remove any toner residue on the hair.

Once the hair is cleaned, you can pat or blow dry the hair. Unlike hair coloring, you may need to re-apply repeatedly in order to keep the highlights in your hair from losing its color and disappearing back into the base color of the hair.


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