How To Apply Two-Tone Eye Shadow

Wearing a two-tone eye shadow adds depth and dimension to your eyes and gives you an overall polished and professional look to your make-up application. The easiest way to achieve this look, with compatible colors, is to buy a two-tone powder or cream shadow kit. The color ranges are from traditional Earth tones to pop colors and can compliment almost any skin tone and capture the look you want to achieve.

The basic reason for the two-tone color is to make your eyes appear larger and more defined. To achieve this goal, you must use the two-tone color set in the proper way by using the darker shade to contrast the lighter one. The control of color will allow you to make your eyes pop with depth, or for those with deep set eyes, you may reduce the depth to appear younger.

Eye shadow is applied to four planes on that narrow space between your eye and eyebrow. Section one is the thin line just below your eyebrow. Section two is the indentation below the upper brow bone. Section three is the eyelid, and section four is the swipe of color you will add to the bottom portion below your eye.

To start, add a thin swipe of the lightest color on the uppermost portion, just below your eyebrow. Most gals prefer a light cream color or beige for this area. Next, using another brush just for darker shades, run a thin line of color from the inside eye to the outer edge of the crease beneath the brow bone. Powder eye shadows are the easiest to work with and will blend quickly with just a few strokes. If you are using a cream shadow, then keep the applications to a minimum, adding your color slowly.

Next apply a mixture of the dark and the light to the top of your eyelid. For daytime make-up to the office and such, you may wish to avoid covering your lid with a dark tone. However, for evening wear, when you are wearing a liquid liner, the dark eyelid can be stunning.

To complete your eye shadow application, you have to run a thin swipe of the darker shade along the bottom rim of your eyes. And to make your eyes appear larger, bring a slight edge out to the side and blend with the upper eye shadow tones. However, when applying the lower eye shades, you don't want to start to drag your line from the inner corner of your eye. This will close off your eyes and make them look smaller. Start your line just a little bit away from the inside corner to make them seem that they are wider set. And for a more dramatic look to your under eyes, try lining them first with a soft pencil with a dark tone. Then defuse the harsh line with your darker eye shadow and soften up the ridge.


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