How To Apply Under Eye Brightener for Smoky Eye Makeup

When working with eye makeup, it’s important to create a look that is both sultry and sexy but also something that helps open up the eye. This is especially true when working with dark colored eye shadow or when you create a smoky eye effect. Oftentimes, smoky eye makeup can give the person the appearance of having dark circles under the eyes.

A solution to this dilemma is to use an under eye brightener. Under eye brighteners can do wonders for your eye area by helping reflect light off the skin to illuminate the area. Here’s how to apply under eye brightener for smoky eye makeup.

  • Purchase an under eye brightener. If you don’t have a tube of eye brightener yet, go ahead and buy one. There are several brands to choose from and it is readily available at most cosmetic counters and beauty supply stores. When making your purchase, decide how much you can spend and check out reviews of the product before handing over your cash. Decide if you want to use an eye cream that can also fight off wrinkles or if you want a makeup wand type of product. Top brands for eye creams include Olay Total Effects Transforming Eye Cream, Hylexin, and Estee Lauder Eyezone. If you want a makeup eye brightener, consider Tricks of the Trade Eye Brightener, Smashbox Eyebeam Double Ended Brightener and Mally Beauty Lightwand.
  • Use concealer if you don’t have an under eye brightener. Makeup concealers can be used in place of a brightener. Simply put two to three dots under the eye area and blend well. You may try Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer. As a rule of thumb with makeup, apply any product sparingly.
  • Apply your eye makeup. Carefully apply the eye makeup to create a smoky eye look. It’s best to use a primer on the eyelid before using any makeup to prevent creases on your lid and also to stop any excess eye shadow to flake on the top of your lashes.
  • Clean up the eye area. After you have applied the eye shadow, use a makeup sponge to wipe off any excess powder that has landed on the top of the cheeks or on the under eye area. You need a clean slate before applying any other product on the skin.
  • Dap a bit of the product on the under eye area. You only need a minimal amount of the product to see results when working with eye brighteners. Get your makeup wand and place two to three dots under the eye area. If you want more control of the amount of product you want to put on your eye area, squeeze some of the brightener on the back of your hand. Dip a makeup brush to get some of the product and brush is on carefully under your eye area. Use light feathery strokes so the brightener doesn’t look to heavy or thick.
  • Blend well with your fingertip or a makeup brush. Carefully blend the product so that it is smooth. You’ll immediately notice a difference in your eyes.

It’s that simple. It’s a good idea to use a good eve cream on a nightly basis to protect the sensitive skin on your eye area from wrinkles, crow’s feet, eye bags, puffiness and dark circles. Try using an eye brightener the next time you put on your eye makeup and see how much more open and brighter your eyes seem.


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