How To Apply White Tips to Nails for French Manicures

French tip nail design

If you want a classy but easy way to decorate and take care of your fingertips, the French manicure is one of your best choices. French manicure will add elegance on your fingertips, while remaining versatile enough to go with your office suits or your favorite dress for a night out with friends. The white tips are one of the defining features of French manicures. Here are the steps for you to apply the white tips.

  1. Base coat. Make sure that your nails have a base coat applied evenly on the entire body of the nail. The base coat should also be dry by the time you apply the white polish, so that it will not mix and smudge with the white polish. The base coat will help to create a very smooth surface on the nail, which actually naturally has ridges on the top.
  2. Use white polish. Take your white nail polish and dip the brush into the solution. Make sure that you do not over saturate the brush with white polish, since this can cause the pigment to run off onto the entire finger. A technique is to press the brush onto the sides of the bottle, to let the excess paint drip off. Or, you can dab the paint on paper towels. Keep in mind, however, that you do not need to get the perfect, rounded white tips at this point. Just add enough on the middle and sides of the fingers. Make sure that you also cover the edge of the nails and that the white polish is applied evenly. Once this is done, you should allow the white polish to dry.
  3. Shaping white tips. To round off the corners of the white polish, you need to use a brush and nail polish remover. Take the brush and dip it into a cap full of nail polish remover. Make sure that you have paper towels spread in front of you. Once this is done, dab the brush into the paper towel to remove the excess nail polish remover. Then, proceed to shaping the nails using the brush. Do this by edging the uneven white polish lines, until you achieve the perfect and rounded white lines on your French manicure. Add more nail polish remover as necessary, but remember to always dab the brush into the paper towel. This will prevent the nail polish remover from running off onto the surface of the nails and potentially removing the rest of the white polish.
  4. Repeat. Do this for the rest of your finger tips. You can also use cotton buds if there are no brushes available. Brushes, however, have fine tips that will allow you to work the white lines in detail. Once this is done, you can add varnish to keep the nails looking polished for a long time

As the final step, you should let your nails dry. Make sure that the nails are dry whenever adding new varnish, coats, or polish on your nails. With these easy steps, getting perfectly rounded white lines on your French manicure can be easy.


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