How To Assemble and Prepare a Tattoo Gun

Back in the ancient times, tattoo gun was non-existent. It was only in the late 1800s that it was invented, patented, and used to create tattoo art on the skin. Presently, tattoo gun is the primary instrument for tattooing. As the name suggests, it is a gun-like machine that uses electromagnetic field to puncture the skin and transfer ink into it. A tattoo gun is exclusively used by tattoo artists, but if you are studying to become one, you must learn to assemble and prepare a tattoo gun. Here is a guide you can follow.

  • Put a pair of gloves on. Wearing gloves prevents transferring bacteria from your hands into the tattoo gun and into the client’s skin. It also keeps you protected from possible diseases. So make sure to put gloves on even before touching the tattoo gun.
  • Insert the needle into the barrel. The needle should be threaded all the way through the barrel, also called tube grip. It is like an ordinary sewing needle, only it is much longer and thicker. When the tattoo gun is plugged in, this needle goes in an up-and-down motion around 150 times a second or 3,000 times a minute. It moves very fast and vibrates like a sewing needle.
  • Attach the barrel. The next thing you need to do is load the barrel onto the tattoo machine. This works by connecting the looped end of the needle to the armature pin at the top the section of the tattoo gun. Then, hold the needle in place by wrapping rubber bands around its body. Adjust the barrel so that it shows only around 1/6 or 1/32 inch of the length of the needle. When you already have the right length, tighten the screw atop the needle to lock it in place.
  • Plug the tattoo gun to a power source. Plug the tattoo gun. Turn it on and use the foot switch to operate the tattoo gun. You will know the tattoo gun works properly when the needle goes up and down way too fast. It happens because the two coils, the two cylindrical bars located at the top section of the tattoo gun, make up energy, which the capacitor uses to make an electromagnetic field. The armature then starts an up-and-down motion and influences the movement of the needle.
  • Pour ink. When it is already assembled, you can pour ink into the tattoo gun. Now you are ready to create a tattoo. The needle will break into the first layer of the skin and transfer the ink.

Due to the up-and-down motion of the armature, the tattoo gun will vibrate a bit as you run it along the skin. This is why it is necessary to hold it firmly and to learn to get used to the vibrations. If you already are accustomed to the tattoo gun, it is much easier for you to perfect a tattoo pattern. Also, remember to acquire proper training and education and secure a license if you are really serious about becoming a tattoo artist.


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