How To Avoid a Butt Rash from Long Bicycle Rides

Riding a bike can be fun. It is great if you want an easy way to exercise and boost your health. You can bond with friends, or go on long bike rides alone. However, as much as we hate it, most people who ride bikes usually suffer from butt rash. This happens when a person has been riding a bike for long periods of time. There are few preventative measures you can take to avoid a butt rash.

Here are some tips on how to avoid a butt rash from long bicycle rides:

  1. Wear comfortable cycling shorts. Most people make the mistake of wearing cycling shorts that are too tight. Not only is this uncomfortable, it is also a cause of butt rash. When your cycling shorts are too tight, they press on your skin harder. This causes friction. If you’re going out to ride your bike for long periods of time, this will eventually cause redness and swelling in your butt area. Thus, you get a rash. To avoid this, wear cycling shorts that are just the right fit: not too loose and not too tight. Forget the idea that cycling shorts should be as tight as a straitjacket.
  2. Proper hygiene is important. Even if you don’t ride the bicycle for very long periods of time, you will get a butt rash if you have poor hygiene. Always remember to take a bath everyday and put on deodorant. Properly clean your butt area when you defecate or take a bath. This reduces germs that are part of the reason of butt rash. Never use your cycling shorts more than twice in a row. When you’re riding your bicycle, just like any other sport, you sweat. All that sweat will be absorbed into your shorts. This makes it a breeding ground for germs and various bacteria. So, simply put, if you want to lessen your chances at having a butt rash, take a bath and change your shorts!
  3. Take periodic breaks from biking. When you’re biking at top speed for long periods of time, it takes a toll on your body and mind. You get tired and exhausted. It takes a toll on your butt too. Too much friction from all the continuous biking causes butt rashes to start. Taking periodic breaks will help lessen the friction, thus lessening your chance of developing a butt rash. If taking a water break is not an option, try slowing down a little bit from your usual pace. This will slightly decrease the friction on your butt cheeks.

Although butt rashes from long bicycle rides are not the most glamorous things in the world, they are still a part of biking. The most experienced bikers can tell you that at least once in their lives, they have had a butt rash. If you have a butt rash, always remember to clean it periodically. Germs and bacteria can accumulate there, and it could lead to an infection. If you do not have a butt rash, and never plan to have one, follow these tips and your long bicycle rides will be butt rash-free.


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