How To Avoid Getting Freckles

Freckles or angel kisses which is what my family refers to them as can be avoided.  Freckles usually fade during the winter months when the sun's rays are the weakest, but during these scorching summer months if you are not careful the sun can darken you're freckles making them more noticeable.  Freckles however are common to some skin complexions especially really light fair skin or people with red hair.

There are many ways to avoid getting freckles all together or from keeping your existing freckles from darkening and being more prominent.  Freckles are a warning to people who have them or get them, freckles are your sign of knowing that your skin is sensitive and vulnerable to sunburns and even skin cancer.

Whenever you are planning on being in the sun be sure and apply sunscreen all over.  Keep track of when you applied your sunscreen so that you can reapply it when the time is right.  The sun's rays are the strongest between the hours of 10a.m. and 2p.m.  During these hours you should avoid being in the sun.  If you absolutely must be outside in the sun during these hours apply sunblock to your skin, wear sunglasses and a hat would be helpful as well.  A hat is a great way for you to take shade with you whenever you are outside in the sun.

Another way to prevent getting freckles is by staying away from tanning salons.  We all want that golden glow that comes from having tan skin but tanning beds expose your skin to UV rays that are harmful to your skin.  The safest way for you to bring out a golden glow is by using over-the-counter self tanning cream without the risk of harming your skin.

If you have freckles and you'd like to lighten them there are many home remedies that you can try.  Lemon juice works great as a natural bleach but if you have sensitive skin you shouldn't try this.  A great recipe for a facial mask that will lighten freckles is:  1 teaspoon of plain yogurt mixed together with 2 drops of honey.  Apply the mixture on your face and leave it on for about thirty minutes then rinse it off.

If you follow all the tips listed above you will successfully prevent your skin from developing freckles. Remember to keep your sunscreen with you to help prevent freckles from appearing.


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