How To Be Sexy

To be sexy isn't simply having the right body shape. More than that, being sexy is a feeling of confidence, warmth and mystery all rolled-up into one.  You are sexy when you look sexy in the eyes of others and it's like you weren't even trying to look sexy in the first place.

The secret to being sexy is having an inner confidence in yourself that just radiates from inside of you. Whether you are male or female, if you take good care of yourself, you can be sexy.  If you want to be sexy, follow these suggestions below on how to be sexy, and the world will welcome the new you.

  1. Like yourself. When you start to like yourself, you push away those heavy obstacles that prevent you from feeling good about yourself, from feeling sexy. Read self-help books that can help you create that positive outlook about yourself so that you could start to like yourself a lot.
  2. Eat healthy. Good food choices will give you glowing skin and a healthy smile. When you start eating healthy, you will start to look younger and feel good all the time. Eating healthy means starting on a diet rich in lean meat, vegetables and fruits while also drinking enough water.
  3. Groom yourself. Always keep yourself tidy. Practice good dental hygiene. Pamper yourself every 2 weeks or so with a manicure, pedicure, facial and a bubble bath. Style your hair with a trip to the salon. A good cut or style will make you feel confident and sexy. Condition your hair at least once a month to have glossy hair that will show how healthy you are.
  4. Exercise regularly. Being sexy means you look healthy. And being healthy means you are able to exercise regularly. Setting aside at least 20 minutes a day on a simple exercise regimen at home or in a gym will keep you feeling healthy and have your body working well. If you don't like running, try a different activity. What is important is that you find a regimen that works for you and will feel like "fun".
  5. Walk with style. Keep your head up and throw your shoulders back when you are walking. Don't forget to walk with a smile, since this shows people that you are confident and happy.
  6. Pick clothes that show your style. If you love to wear denims, make sure you pick out a good pair of dark-colored, form-hugging jeans. If you like wearing dresses, pick out those that will make you look good and that you feel comfortable in. Wear shoes with heels and straps for that overall sexy look.
  7. Wear black. Just don't go overboard, or you will repel people with your somber and dark look. If you want to wear red, go for it too. Both colors look sexy when used in good measure.

Being sexy means you have enough confidence to be you and are comfortable with yourself. Relax and just enjoy being yourself as life takes its course.


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