How To Beat Under Eye Circles

We all hate dark circles under our eyes. They make us look like raccoons. Whether you get them from lack of sleep, eating right, or genetics, we all get them sometimes. Luckily, I know many ways to significantly fade them away. If yours are genetic, they will never completely go away, unless you get plastic surgery, but that is temporary, painful, expensive, and not worth it!

  1. Sleep. Make sure to get enough rest at night. You will look well rested, healthy, and the dark circles will fade away. If you aren't sure how much sleep you need, experiment by sleeping extra and sleeping less. The average person needs 8 hours of sleep.
  2. Vitamins. Take a multivitamin. It's possible that you aren't getting enough nutrients and vitamins. You will also feel healthier and have more energy!
  3. Eat healthy. Try to limit carbs and processed sugars. Not only do they show up in your thighs, but in your face as well. These foods can also lead to breakouts! It's like killing two birds with one stone!
  4. Eye cream. Whether you spend $5 or $50, invest in a good eye cream. Find one specifically targeted for dark circles (they also target lines, wrinkles, etc.). I have tried many and I believe the best ones for dark circles are ones with the word "radiance" in its title. You can pick up an eye cream at any drug store, department store, Wal-Mart, etc. You apply the cream under the eyes, with a tapping motion, morning and night.
  5. Do not smoke. Smoking enlarges the blood vessels in the skin, leaving you with undesirable effects.
  6. Conceal. You can pick up a concealer at any drug store or department store. Pick one a shade lighter than your natural skin tone (try it on!) To really mask your dark circles, pick one with a yellow under tone, as yellow and purple cancel each other out. Tap under eye.
  7. Do not rub! Rubbing under the eyes can increase wrinkles and lines. When applying any product, gently tap under the eyes.
  8. Cucumbers. Some other tricks of the trade are the use of cucumbers or tea bags. Not only will they help with dark circles, but also with puffiness under the eyes. In the morning, take 2 slices of cucumbers and set on your eyes for 5-10 minutes. The same can be done with tea bags that are warm (NOT HOT!).

Good luck, and happy concealing.


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This is a very interesting article. Thank you for the information especially regarding concealers!!

By Brandy Bryan

Thanks for the tips, got anything on neck wrinkles?

By Susan Biddy