How To Beautify Yourself Instantly

For those in a rush, beauty can be a real sacrifice. This is especially true for women who have hectic jobs that require a lot of time. All the makeup and the preparations - it just seems like too much of a hassle for a busy woman. However, there are some quick ways to instantly improve your look. With a little know-how, you can beautify yourself in no time.

Here are some tips on how to beautify yourself instantly:

Take good care of your skin. If you have good skin, then you won’t need a lot of make up. This means that you won’t have to spend too much time putting on a lot of things to beautify yourself. Before going to bed, make sure that you wash your face and that you tone and moisturize your skin.

You don’t need a lot of make up to beautify yourself. Especially during the day, you don’t need to pile on a ton of make up. The first thing you should apply is a good foundation. Make sure that you get the right color for your skin tone. Your skin texture also has to match the foundation. There are many types available. If you have dry skin, you can opt for a liquid foundation so it goes on smoothly. If you have oily skin, try powder foundation. It will balance out the oiliness in your face. Those who have sensitive skin should stick to mineral foundation. Just the right foundation can do wonders for your face.

Know the staples in your make up kit. This will make it easier for you to apply make up on the go. Basically, you should have a good foundation, blush, lip tint, lipstick or lip gloss, mascara, concealer, and eye liner. These will be the most basic staples in your kit. All of them should be right for your skin tone and skin type. There are two in one cheek and lip tints available today, which will save you more space and time. They are a good investment for your make up kit. You can add more things like bronzers and highlighters if you need them, but these are the most basic things you need if you will need.

Know how to apply your make up in a hurry. You should start of with your concealer. Dab a little bit of concealer on your blemishes and dark spots. The concealer will hide them and make your skin look flawless. Use your ring finger to blend. Next, apply some blush to the apples of your cheeks, making sure to blend evenly. Always remember to put only a little blush, because you want to look natural - not doll-like. After, apply your foundation, blending it in with your concealer and blush. Your foundation will set your blush so it lasts longer. Here’s a good tip: apply foundation on your lips as well. This will help make your lipstick/lip stain last longer. Make sure to blend the foundation to your neck and ears so you don’t look like you have a mask on. The last step is to apply your lipstick/lip stain and mascara.

These tips will help you beautify yourself instantly! But remember, the best tip to beautify yourself instantly is the simplest: smile.


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