How To Become a Makeup Artist for MAC Cosmetics

If you're the type of person who likes playing around with makeup or are interested in the art of applying makeup, then you have most definitely heard of MAC Cosmetics. It is one of the world's most renowned brands.

The following tips are put together for those who are makeup artist aspirants, specifically for MAC Cosmetics. However, anyone aspiring to be a professional in the makeup world can use them. Take note that you should have by now mastered the art of putting on makeup, the careful mixing of shades and colors, and the specifications of skin tone with different products and palates.

  • Setting Up. You will have to find a good photographer, a stylist and a videographer. These people will help you in building up your portfolio. If you don't know anyone who is good enough or is eager to help, you can check out your local fashion school/s. Students will be keen in helping since you will also be helping them build their portfolio in the process.
Now you'll need to get models. Remember that variety is the key. You'll need women (or possibly men) with different skin tones and skin types to broaden your portfolio. Also, try doing event-related makeup such as weddings or proms. You can easily have women lining up if you spread around flyers of your offer in bridal shops or in malls with the permission of the owner or of whoever is in charge.

You can also place ads in your local newspaper if it's not too heavy on your pocket. Just as in any advertisement, make sure to clearly state your contact details so that it's not difficult to find you. If possible, include your free times so that they won't have to bother you when you're out doing something else.

  • Photography. Make sure to have your stylist, videographer and photographer with you when you do makeup gigs. The stylist can fix up the angles you will need for your portfolio as the photographer takes the photos while your videographer can take a video of the entire makeup-application process. Having one will allow you to narrate to the panel your process.
  • Your Portfolio. When you've gathered enough photos, buy a book that can contain all your photos. Choose a very professional, clean look for your portfolio. Make sure that it can house 9x12inch or 11x14inch photos as these sizes are the current industry standard. MAC Cosmetics requires a video reel of the makeup-application process, so make sure to have someone edit your video to include your narration and to cut out any unnecessary scenes.
When you have already completed your portfolio, you can easily walk into a MAC Cosmetics store or counter and find the manager. Hand him your resume and ask if he has a couple of minutes to check out your portfolio. Hopefully he is impressed with your work.

Remember to not be discouraged if the manager shows a lack of interest. They just might not have any slots open for new makeup artists. You can always try other branches to see if they are looking for fresh artists.


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