How To Become a Redhead

Changing your hair color can be a lot of fun, but if done incorrectly, can spell disaster. The color pigments that are the most difficult to control fall into the various hues of red. Becoming a redhead is exciting, but be sure that you choose your shade carefully and increase the red pigmentation gradually to achieve a natural look.

When you are shopping for red hair color, it’s wise to check with the store's beauty consultant before you make your decision. Finding a beautiful shade of red on the cover of a hair dye kit does not mean that you are going to achieve the same results. The natural color of untreated hair or the current pigment from color tinted hair is your base point and will greatly affect the outcome of your new shade of red. The safest way to experiment with red tones is to mix them with darker shades, rather than lighter. And if you do prefer to mix your red with blonde, remember that the red is the dominant pigment and will overtake the blonde. So, use the red sparingly at first, until you get your desired shade with a few additional treatments.

Red hair dye is very potent and for best results, it should be mixed with another shade that closely matches what you have now. If your hair is brown, buy a color close to that hue and mix it with 1/4 to 1/3 part with the red dye. This will give you a strong auburn color which you can increase or decrease to suit your preference. However, if you cover your hair with a flame red without using a brown or blonde base, the results will be carrot orange. Unless its Halloween, be sure to use a strong base color and slowly add the red content to your hair.

For a fun color enhancement, you may wish to highlight with brilliant shades of red, ranging from a flame shade to shocking pink tones. In most cases with dark hair, adding a funky color highlight will give you a halo effect when the sun strikes your hair, but the pigment does not dominate your basic hair color.

If your hair is blonde and you wish to go red, be sure you mix your red shade with a darker color. Blonde hair is very porous and will grab the red pigment much more so than darker hair. Try a dark to medium brown shade mixed with a moderate red. If the color results are too dark or too light, that is easy to correct with another application. However, if you put a shocking red on blonde hair, without a darker mix, the end result is over processed color and real mess to correct.


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