How To Blend Gray Hair with Highlights

Getting hair color

There are different kinds of hair color that can be applied to your hair depending on the status of the hair. Say it can be gray, but only 50% of the whole thing is covered with gray. A temporary solution is using a semi-permanent mixture. There are a lot of formulas that only require easy, yet simple instructions that can be prepared in your own home. You don’t have to go to the salon and pay heaps of money. It’s like a revamp right in your own home. Best results may be accomplished, however, with deciding the right color combined with your natural tint. The new color will eventually fade and get washed out in time, and that is why choosing the right one to penetrate your real hair color is vital.

Here are some hair dyes that you can use:

  • Natural dye is very common. Individuals that are very sensitive to hair dyes in the market use this product. Others just don’t like to use the commercial one, so they go with natural ones.
  • Henna is also widely used by many. It is one of the major key ingredients in coloring gray hair and has been present in ages. The great advantage is that it makes your hair thick with customary use. Many people are patronizing this product because it is affordable.
  • Permanent dye is used for extreme change in your hair color because if more gray hair present, this type of dye is required. Doing this in the comfort of your home is in fact possible, but experts advise that you have to consult a professional hair stylist for best results.

As the saying goes, the hair is our “crowning glory.” It improves how we are perceived by people looking at us. You don’t want to go around walking in the neighborhood or at work looking like somebody with seemingly splashed water color in your hair. Re-application of dye is a must as soon as the gray hair starts growing. Some people call it “re-touch.” Although, you may have to pay additional amount again as you go back to the salon, nonetheless, it won’t be much.

There is another technique of concealing the natural gray color of your hair brought about by mature age – it’s called blending of gray hair. This is done by progressive application of dye and sooner or later blending your gray hair and only leaving just unnoticed hue of gray that you want to eliminate. There are a lot of formulas you can find in the market. They work through setting down substances that cause a chemical reaction. Eventually, gray hair will disappear and at least go back to the individual’s natural hair color. Products of this stature usually contain chemicals like lead acetate. This type of key ingredient has been banned in some countries like Canada and a few European countries because of its possible carcinogenic content. In some cases, unfavorable reactions are possible when used in perms.

Acceptance of old age means having gray hair. A few people are more open to the fact that everybody goes through this process, however some people have stopped using dyes because their chemical contents are harmful and if used in the long term basis can be bad for the health. 


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