How To Blow Out a Bob Hair Cut

Sporting a bob hair cut will give you a liberated, modern look. However, the backlash of this is that the ideal form of a bob haircut is only good when you are fresh from the salon. Once your hair starts to grow, it becomes thicker and transforms from a modern look to a coconut shell. However, you can solve this without going to the salon every now and then. You can blow out your hair and preserve the look that you like. Here are the steps to blow out your hair.

  1. Towel dry your hair. Use a fluffy towel that can seep out much of the wetness of your newly washed hair. However, leave a good amount of damp. You will need this to have some moist reserve in your blow drying. Moreover, excessive effort in towel drying can damage your hair.
  2. Spray volumizing spray to keep your hair intact. Spray and distribute the mousse all over your hair. Use your fingers to expose the deeper layers of your hair. The spray will minimize the frizzes and fly-aways, which will ruin your style.
  3. Align the hair through combing. To prepare your hair for a systematic blow drying, you need to align the strands first. Use a large toothed comb for this purpose. You do not need to comb it for style. Moreover, thin toothed comb will damage and break your hair.
  4. Use a butterfly clip to group your upper crown layers. The next steps will now be to work on each layer of your hair one by one. The first layer you will blow dry is the innermost layer. You can blow dry this layer by using a clip to pin down the other layers.
  5. Attach a hair dryer diffuser on the blow dryer and use a round brush while blow drying your hair. The round brush will curl your hair according to your desired effect. Continually brush the layer to your preferred shape until it dries. Repeat the same procedure for the other layers.
  6. Smoothen your hair with wax or pomade. After your hair has dried, you will now deal with frizzy hair. Use a wax to do this by putting a considerable amount of the product in the middle of your palm, and then spread it in a circling motion. Apply this to the unruly parts of your hair. Choose a product that is not too heavy or sticky. These kinds of products will compress your hair and thus lessen the volume.
  7. Style your hair. Basically, step number 6 is the final step. But you can still personalize your hair by styling it using a few dabs of pomade. Apply a thin amount of it in your fingers, and then gently pull a few strands to create a stylistic effect.

Do not forget that you can use an anti-fuzziness shampoo and conditioner to minimize the undesired frizz in your hair. This will make your styling job much easier. If you do these steps accordingly, you can preserve that perfect bob hair style, and you will surely lessen your salon bills.


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