How To Boost Eyelash Growth

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All eyes are different. Being one of the crucial aspects of a woman’s face, the eyes are often enhanced to make them look beautiful. Because of a number of options to choose in our market today, beautifying our eyes is fairly attainable. The first usual step that women do to achieve this is to have beautiful and long eyelashes. Since growing eyelashes matters in enhancing our eyes, here are some tips on how to boost eyelash growth.

1.    Use mascara. Mascara is a cosmetic that brings volume to your eyelashes. Using it makes your eyelashes look fuller and longer. But before you do, use an eyelash curler for about 5 seconds on each eye. This will curl lashes and at the same time give emphasis to a wide-eyed look. Upon using your mascara, always bear in mind that too much of it may cause damage, such as brittleness, to your lashes. And instead of having a beautiful one, you might end up having it clumpy or dirty.

2.    Use artificial eyelashes or extenders. If you have a fair budget to expend in obtaining long eyelashes, artificial lashes and eyelash extenders may suffice your need. You can buy them at cosmetic stores near you or purchase them via online from trusted online stores.

  • Artificial eyelashes. These are natural-looking eyelashes applied onto natural lashes to extend its length. You can apply a whole band of artificial lashes with your natural eyelashes but be conscious of your appearance. Using artificial eyelashes usually make your eyes look unattractive because of improper application. The fact that you are using fake lashes sometimes makes your eyes look unnatural.
  • Eyelash extenders. These are lash-like fibers, which adhere to your natural eyelashes. Extensions are usually applied to each lash to make it look longer. You might obtain undetectable results with its use. However, it requires heavy maintenance and is quite expensive.

3.    Use homemade remedies. Homemade remedies that boost eyelash growth are often neglected by some women. Little did they know that these remedies are more effective because aside from bringing volume and boosting eyelash growth, they also strengthen, clean and revitalize the hair. Here are some homemade remedies that you may find more enticing because of no costly products to buy yet gives you best results. 

  • Try applying castor oil or olive oil to your lashes before bedtime. These types of oil improve overall eyelash health and makes hair to be less fragile. Use a mascara applicator in applying castor oil or olive oil onto your eyelashes and eyebrows.
  • You can also put small slices of washed lemon peels on your castor oil bottle. Allow the lemon to steep for about three to five days to give best results. Before going to bed, apply a small amount onto your eyelashes using a clean mascara brush. Rinse off in the morning and reapply before bedtime.

4.    Use eyelash conditioners. Like conditioners you apply on your hair, eyelash conditioners have similar functions. Conditioners reinvigorate your eyelashes preventing easy breakage. Before using, make sure to read and follow the product instructions to avoid negative effects.

Having beautiful eyes is not likely to happen overnight. Remember that it always takes each part of your eyes before you finally achieve beauty in its totality. Thus, starting off with your eyelashes by boosting their growth could serve your first major step.


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